LampizatOr Silk AC Filter?

Interested in hearing from anyone who has one, or has tried it.

Most filters suck the life out of a high resolution system if its set up right you don't need one.
The Silk is designed to filter out RF noise, without "sucking the life out of the system". That's what intrigues me, assuming it works as advertised.

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I purchased a Silk Silver. It is without a doubt one of the best available. I have not compared it to the new Shunyata Denali line but it does not suck the life out of my system. Consider the number of years that Lukas, while working for another company, had, in developing this product. And if you have heard or own a Lampizator DAC, you can bet that this product was developed using a Silk in Lukas's system.  

can you you tell me more about what you hear with the Silk? Did you get it with the phase flipper feature?