New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house

Wonder if any other new owners of this DAC are out there as I find it to be the finest digital playback I have heard to date. This is the first digital front end piece of gear I have owned that has transformed my music.

Ya, other digital gear does this or that better, but this Lampy breaks through to a new level of musical enjoyment. Clear view into the music helping the speakers just disappear. Only 24 hours of break in and the music flows so sweet, intimate and seemingly without boundaries.

Looking under the hood I see an impressive power supply with films caps and several high quality chokes. Point to point silver wired except for the digital and USB boards. This is a three tube player that is tube rectified. One has the option for SS rectification if desired.

Ya, I love this Lampy!
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I just received my Level 4 a few weeks ago. It really is exceptional. Musical is the best way to describe it. I have made a series changes to my system since the spring including a TRL Dude preamp and then getting everything on Sistrum stands. Each of these changes was a significant improvement. But I have to say the Lampizator is transformative.
Glad you posted this thread Grannyring, it's an end of the road, serious piece of gear like the Dude we have (similar TRL build standards)

I followed Lukasz from his beginnings and took his advice on the CEC transport mods, which also made a huge impact on musicality, he really knows his stuff.

I also have the Tube Research Labs Dude and it is to preamps what the Lampy is to DAC's. Both are world class and breakthrough products. I bet your system sounds great. What speakers are you listening to?

Rx8man, I bet a CEC transport, with select mods, would be a great combo with the Lampy.
I'm not new to audio, but new to modern audio. What is Lampizator? Is it processor in the chain or passive component?
I have Agear's old Dude running through a KR Audio Kronzilla SXI. Speakers are Duke LeJeune's Audiokinesis Jazz Modules. I feel like I'm at a good point right now with the addition of the Lamp. Next step is to get a Mac Mini and a computer set up, but just trying to learn more about the best way to go about that.
Great system Hchilcoat!

I have a Mac mini based transport. Read all you can from Steve at Empirical Audio. Go to his site and read.....

2009 late model Mac mini
SSD hard drive
Amarra and the version Steve suggests
Power supply for mini - I have one from Mojo Audio
Keep looking at the Lamp. Would love to hear one. I have this
12 chip dac tower that I use
in conjunction with an Altmann input receiver. A tiny [except
for the marine battery and capacitor bank} thing with sound
as big as my room can hold. And plan on this. 1794 again using the
Altmann as an input receiver in a brass chassis all
mechanically grounded with adjustable harmonic control. Need
to hear the Lamp before I move away from what I have. Great
to know and hear about super high value audio products such
as the Lamp.Enjoy the ride. Tom
Interesting links Tom, they went to my favorites list for further research.

I had my eye on the Altmann a few years back before my current, an NOS AD1865K based Dac with Duelund Cast output caps to great effect.
Even if you don't buy one, there is a ton of info and insight flowing from those guys that may help with any digital purchase. Tom

Interesting site. My concern would be the power supply and the quality and sound of it. The Lampy has a very robust power supply helping it sound the way it does. In my experience the power supply is the difference maker!

Yes, always.

What is your approach to power supply and how important it is in your opinion?

Power supply is everything. Remove the power supply importance and my DAC is like any other 200 dollar DAC from China. Power supply to the tube anodes, tube heaters, and 9 other digital supply points, sets the LampizatOr DAC aside form the crowd and makes it sound as heavenly as it does.
I agree. I don't have a stock piece of gear in house. We will have a different take on the power supply. Can't have to much of the most important thing. Any plans from you on cap replacement or rolling of those parts after further play time? Tom
Haven't even began to look at the power supply for this dac.
Power supplies are critical. Even a 12 volt battery powered dac can be audibly improved by just mechanically grounding the battery. Who'd a guessed that one. Better sound thru better chemistry. Tom
But I have to say the Lampizator is transformative.

In the digital domain, that is quite a statement. Congrats to Bill and Howard. I myself will be getting a Lampi when cash is available.

Great choice for sure. Like you said much to do with the power supply. Must have great dynamics and slam as well as many other attributes. Wonderful to know a manufacturer actually listens and compares many parts in the same location. I suspect many egos may claim that their circuit design is so good that parts selection would make no measureable difference. And if you cannot measure a difference then it cannot audibly exist. Not so in this product. Tom
Tom, Lucas also happens to be an engineer who left engineering to pursue his audio dream. That never hurts....
So your saying Lucas actually listens to parts and pieces of his work and doesn't just consult the same old cookbook and their 'gurged note for note . Tom
That is true Tom. Go to his site and read how he listens to the parts etc....
Anyone know where to get ecc40 tubes in the USA?
Bill, ask Rob Reich or Fred. They will know. Gary Glory Anderson may also know
With all the hype, I demoed a fully loaded (volume control, XLR outputs ..) Lamp L4 in my system for a week. Overall I found the sound too forward, aggressive and hard for my taste. Lukas discourages tube rolling and stock tubes (forgot the type) are rare so tough to roll.

Compared to my MW Transporter at the time using older technology, it had higher resolution and detail. Fit and finish is ok. The meter that displays volume level stopped working in the 2nd day displaying garbage. I tried everything and never got it working again.

Several months later I reluctantly demoed a PS Audio PWT MKII w/bridge and ended up purchasing/replaced the MW. Nothing beats a home demo before purchase.
Here's a place in Tennessee, and Fleabay as a last resort.
Sounds like a case for additional break in. The Lampy sounds nothing like hard or forward.....interesting how folks can have such opposite experiences. Many factors I suppose including system synergy.

First comment I have read suggesting hard and forward and I had read lots before buying. Always good to hear all comments.
The link for the USA seller .... Tube Depot ....... Is misleading. They do not carry this tube as I called a couple of weeks ago.
hifi, your experience was an outlier to say the least. System? Cabling? What generation of Lamp?

PWT? Several people I know have bought and sold those. Lots of press and hype but....

Home demo would be ideal for any of this stuff for sure. Digital is hard to get right imo....very hard.
King, question for you. Was the unit you demo'd the newer version 4 or last years version 3. Huge difference in sound. Not sure when you listened....
Calling an ugly girl beautiful and a hot chick OK. The Lamp is far from what the King man had heard but then again some men love women with huge big butts where as I throw up.

Had L3/4 and L5 and tube rolling is not hard. All different tubes had their sonic signature coming through the Lamp. Have the Tele EF 800 and the Amperex EF 80. Want a richer warmer fuller midrange sound? What tube do I install. Want a fast linear open sound? Wonder which tube will give me that? Even the Rectifier tube make a difference while running the Bendix tubes vs. the stock Soviet junk.

The Lamp will let you hear the power cable you hook up to it. Likes silver done right.

If you don't set the the Lamp on Sistrum stands then all is lost. One would have missed the mark and would have to go to jail and listen to the PW the rest of one's life.

Yes it is a trouble maker for wire to go lose and a Vodka bottle or two inside the power supply causing it to foward and lean and harsh.

Man King Manr you let a good one go down the drain. What tubes was it running? Get it from Ming to demo?

The Lamp is a music machine built like a SET. If you want intense resolution and detail look elsewhere.
I've owned a L4 GEN 4 since April and have been addicted to it ever since. I had a MWTP about 9 dacs ago. The Modwright Transporter is very good digital and sounds it. Another words the new gen 4 Lamp does not sound digital AT ALL. This is what sets it apart from all 9 of my previous DACS.

So i assume any Lamp comparo favoring the MWTP, is VS a older non-current Lamp.

I could use your help on educating me on the tubes used in the Lampy and my alternatives. I know little about the ecc40 tube, except for the fact they seem hard to find. You mention EF80 and 800? Are these subs for the Ecc40?

I will try a different rectifier tube also.

The Lampy sounded so darn good last night that I was transfixed before my music.....
The Lampy sounded so darn good last night that I was transfixed before my music.....

You typically don't hear that description of digital. It is usually somebody waxing poetic about their new tonearm or cartridge on their megabuck turntable. It is this sort of testimony that is driving me towards getting a Lampizator.

I sent you a link on tubes. Did you get it?

Radio Electric Supply Vacuum Tubes
Toll Free Order Line – 800-326-4140

Re: ECC40

It was my understanding that all the ECC40s were made by one manufacturer except for the Tungsols so before tube rolling you may want to check with Lukasz.
Yes, I got the note and thanks. Site shows no inventory, but I did email and am waiting for an answer.
Some Lamp tube talk here.

ECC40s were all made in the Herleen (spchk) factory cept for the Tunsgram ecc40s. I know from experience that the 5y3 or 6x5 rectis (depending upon which one you have) can be greatly improved with a NOS sub over the russian stock recti. Talking BIG improvment with a small ($10-$25) investment.

The Bendix is a interesting and rare recti sub but the circuit has to be modded to accept it. Without hearing it, I cannot comment. I'm suspect about it, since even NOS 5y3 or 6x5 is a huge uptick over the stock russian tubes.

I've read some people call the Bendix an aggressive sound. So between being stuck on having to buy a rare and pricey Bendix recti. NO tube rolling options, and doubtful I want my digital to sound aggressive, I will probably just stay curious unless, I get to hear it first.
I am aggressive with the Bendix tube. I like a good fight in my tubes and not some wimpy sounding Soviet junk tube.

It's not aggressive at all but does sound more linear and open. I tend to like it very much over the 6x5 tubes I have. Cost $75.00 and worth it.

Now the Bendix 6900/5687/7119/E182CC Triple Mica tubes
is a great tube the L has not even heard in his dacs. I have and it is a great tube to install for up tempo music. Only problem is L goes from one tube to the next in his dacs as the tube for the day.

Tomorrow the 40 tube will be history.
"If you don't set the the Lamp on Sistrum stands then all is lost."

Wow, hyperbole much?
So far I have my Lamp 4 hooked up with a cheap 6 ft Blue Jeans digital cable that I got for under $20. Sounds great even with it. Any suggestions for RCA coax for $200 or less that would improve on the Blue Jeans cable.

Also trying a few 6x5 rectifier tubes that I got for under $10 each. Tried a Tung Sol, Ken Rad and just but in a GE tube. All were an improvement, but so far liking the GE and I just put it in. Have a Sylvania and National Union on hand to try too.
Cal3713, hyperbole yes, but a lot is lost without good mechanical grounding. I have used it on speakers, subs, dacs, pre, amps, covers, and transformers. Need to get Lucas to built my Lampi with those design elements in place....

It was a joke about being lost without the Sistrum. You can set it on anything you want. Do you have a Lamp?
If you wanna roll tubes buy L6 like I did. Roll 6sn7s all day, lots too choose. No need to mod the DAC, then get bent over buying pricey 6900s if you can find them. Ecc40 sounds sweet to me as well and it's been a consistent output tube for the L4. Reasonably priced too.

I don't know Glorys DAC but if it is not modified it might suffer b/c a Bendix 5852 draws 1.2 amps as opposed to .6amps of a normal 6x5.
I haven`t had an opprotunity to hear the Lampizator buts it has developed quite the reputation.There are folks posting here who`s opinions I`ve come to respect.I`ll assume the latest generation of this DAC is exceptionally good. I`ve read Knghifi`s comments over the years and believe he has good ears and taste, his impressions I respect also.

I own the PWT and it`s a top notch transport(it sits on the Star Sound Apprentice stand). Combine it with a high quality DAC and you`ll have wonderful sound(PWT won`t be the limiting factor). The fact that they`re bought and sold by some, well you can find anything for sale on this site given the fickle whims of audiophiles.I don`t see why the PWT-LAMP DAC wouldn`t be a very fine match. The PWT in my opinion isn`t "typical digital" sounding at all and fits superbly in my SET amp based system,which is very organic and quite emotionally involving. The PWT doesn`t change this character at all.I use a Yamamto DAC with Duelund CAST output cap modification,it`s wonderfully musical and natural.
I suspect the Lampizator is as good as claimed here but certainly a PWT with great DAC is a viable choice as well.
Just my 2 cents worth fellas.
"I don't know Glorys DAC but if it is not modified it might suffer b/c a Bendix 5852 draws 1.2 amps as opposed to .6amps of a normal 6x5"

No suffering here!!
Most folks selling their Lampy's for a higher model as an FYI.

I use my Lampy with a CD transport and computer transport. Slightly better sound with computer USB hookup.

To get better sound through the USB takes lots of reading and fine tuning like a turntable!
Charles, i think the discussion centered on the PWD and not transport. The PWT would be fine with any dac and better than a computer imo. There was also some verbiage about the MWT.

hifi's comments about the lamp were unusual and a statistical outlier but to each his own...
Hi Agear,
I believe Knghifi wrote he got the PWT with the bridge not the PWD, he may
have meant PWD instead as that would make sense in comparison to the
Lampizator DAC.
Agear, I am getting better sound with my computer compared to a CD transport. This was not the case right away, but over time I am learning how to make this a reality.

Apple Mac Mini 2009 large model
Large SSD drive
Mojo Audio power supply
Host of software tweaks on the Mini
Wywire USB cable
Amarra 2.5 version
No iTunes! Playlist thru Amarra only - important!
AIFF rips
XLD ripper for Apple

No CD transport I have tried is as good. Right now I have a modified Rega Apollo 35 Anniversary player.

Just an FYI
The PWT is a high speed DVD ROM with a memory buffer, not a traditional laser CD spinner. There's a difference.
08-18-13: Glory

It was a joke about being lost without the Sistrum. You can set it on anything you want. Do you have a Lamp?


No I don't, although I do find the product interesting and this thread cued me to do a little extra research on it. I didn't intend to disparage the gear with my comment, and clearly didn't believe the Sistrum statement reflected anything unique about the Lamp. I highly doubt it is any more sensitive to mechanical isolation than other DAC.

I actually have a PS Audio PWD, which I honestly love. I don't think it's necessarily the last word in digital, but with the Mark II upgrade, it is definitely a quality piece with a lot of convenience (I use the remote controlled multiple inputs to switch between my music server, Ps3, and DirecTV).
Have a '09 MM with LPS.

Have a '12 MM with a Larry Moore go through.

The '12 is much better and I don't have the LPS on it yet. Want the Black Lightning on it but a lot more $!$.
Bill, I was not referring to a plastic spinner from the 80s. Gary Anderson compared MM to the Lampizator transport and it was apparently night and day.

Lucas designed his transport around a wireless receiver similar to what I have had since 2008. Better than any mechanical entity dumping bits into buffered memory IMO.