Labels for classical brass?

Been having a hard time finding good brass classical recordings. What are some good labels out there to check out. I always just find the same recording such like Wynton, Canadian brass and in a way it's pissing me off. I know there must be alot more stuff out there and I want to expand my collection.
Well here are some. They feature brass and have great sonics:

Keith Johnson ( and others, have recorded the Dallas Wind Symphony. "Hammersmith" (Holst) and "Fiesta" are two of his terrific albums on CD.

Keep an eye out for direct-to-disc LPs like the two volume set of "Sonic Fireworks" (organ, brass, and percussion) featuring the Atlanta Brass Ensemble (now the Atlanta Brass Society.) I think the ABS has newly recorded CDs.

I like Wynton too, but I like wind/brass ensembles even more. Unfortunately, and I suppose this is heresy, I think the Canadian Brass could use a little more rehearsal ;~))
A brief Google search revealed several sources. Here's one that might be of interest:
Check out Klavier Records. Despite the name, they have an excellent catalog of brass recordings.

Some of the real sleepers are on Crystal Records which specializes in winds for the most part. Even though it's a small Indie label, most of the recordings are very good sonically.

There are also some interesting obscurities on Golden Crest (lp only).
Empire Brass on Telarc has recorded many fine classical brass CDs with excellent sound. Try going to Arkiv Music and you can check them all out.