Kuzma 4Points and Lyra carts

I am currently enjoying a Lyra Etna SL on a Morch DP8. I am interested in trying a Kuzma 4Point.  I have heard that many find the Kuzma/Lyra combination to work well.

Does anyone think there would be an advantage to the 4Point 11" over the 4Point 9"?  Specifically with sound quality not VTA tower use. 

Agree with @artemus that there might be small differences

define "small".. ..are you speaking from experience or from what you’ve read?

seems to me if the goal is to be the best that it can be then you are potentially leaving something behind if you "settle" for the shorter arm. As I started down the path of higher end arms - tables - cartridges I found that there were huge differences as you get into the upper levels and you are well rewarded for taking the time to precisely align it all. Feel free to come back at me with... define "huge" :)

I agree if you don’t want to invest in the proper tools and spend the time to optimize the setup then stick with the easier path, but if your are "going for it" then go for it with the longer arm. Of course, I will be comparing a shorter Morch with a longer Kuzma so nothing definitive will come of that in regard to whether longer is better (or worse) or if it is Morch vs. Kuzma.
Thanks for the replies.  I especially look forward to @herman report after his time with the Mørch. It’s a great arm but will not be surprised if the Kuzma does even better.My table will do best with the 212mm mounting distance of the 4point and 4point 9. The 14 is not an option.
Let me focus my question. Will the higher effective mass of the 4point 11 work better with the Etna SL? 
I will use the resonance calculators online but I suspect both arms are within acceptable range. My bias is to use a 9” arm as my ears don’t seem to be effected by the increased grove distortion inherent in a shorter arm. On the other hand, I do have excellent setup gear (SmartTractor, Adjust +) so I am able to cope with the precision setup needs of a longer arm. If anyone has listened to Lyra/Kuzma  combos that would also be helpful. Will also use a SoundSmith Sussurro ES.
I have owned both the 4Point9 and the 11 inch 4 Point. I found the latter much better. The 4Point9 sounded quite lightweight to me - very much like most of the unipivots I have owned (although I know it is not strictly a unipivot). The 11 inch 4Point sounded much more substantial and more satisfying. I did use mine briefly with a Lyra Etna SL and the combination seemed fine.
Ultimately, however, I found both arms a little dull sounding and sold both in favour of a less expensive - but to my ears more musical - Audio Origami PU7. But you may love the 4 Point, as most seem to do. I would definitely recommend the 11 inch version over the 9 inch, however.
On the issue of Fremer and 9" arms, my view is that Fremer accepts anything that Marc Gomez of SAT says as gospel. Gomez believes that all things being equal it is more important for a tonearm to have a low moment of inertia and that 9" is best among the common lengths. That is not my view mind you. I love my Reed 10.5 and 12. I don't give a rat's patoot what Fremer thinks. Particularly when he is just repeating someone else's belief system. 
Ok. Next question.  What choices did you all make regarding cabling choices.? Cardas Clear? Kondo Silver? Kuzma silver plated copper?