Kuzma Reference turntable

Curious abt Kuzma reference. Dick Olser of Enjoythemusic.com wrote a review on it and proclaimed it as his reference turntable fr then onwards. Other than Kuzma Airline tonearm and Graham 2.2 ( its seems Dick find it difficult to set up with Graham 2.2), have anybody try it with any other tonearm with gd result? what abt catridge? Happy Listening
I cannot answer your question directly because I use the Kuzma Airline, but I can say that achieving good results using different tonearms on the Kuzma Reference table is a matter of using (finding) an armboard which positions the arm at the proper height.
I don't know what armboards for what arms are manufactured and distributed by Kuzma but Scot Markwell at themusic.com should know since they distribute the table and other Kuzma products.

The table itself is a joy. Small footprint, 15 minutes to set-up, a breeze to make leveling adjustments over time, and simply worry free. Get one if you can. You will not regret it.
Hi Audioblazer,
as I also use the kuzma reference. I tried it with
SME V, but my standard arm mounted is a kuzma airline.
Or you should try the kuzma reference arm.
My Graham Phantom will arrive next week, so I will
try this one out.
Best regards Karl-Heinz
HI kha, u have tried the kuzma reference, how do like the sound with SME V? what catridge and phonostage are u using
Kha, yes it would be interesting to hear from you how the Airline compares with the SME and Graham.
Hi Audioblazer,
well I mounted the SME V with my Takeda Miyabi System
attached to a KLYNE-7PX.
I worked out fine, but I switched backed to the airline
as I'am using it with the newly acquired zyx-universe
cartdrige. Top Match.
regards Karl-Heinz
I originally had a SME V, then Graham 2.2, and now a Graham Phantom arm on my Stabi Reference. Each arm was a big improvement over its predecessor.

The Phantom is a great match for the SR, having huge dynamics, and great control from low-bass to high treble.