Krell Showcase vs. Anthem AV20

Has anyone been able to directly compare the two. I have a Krell HTS and plan on making a change. The showcase seems very similar to the HTS, but with more features, particulary the room eq., DP II and video switching. The anthem, on the other hand,is software & hardware upgradeable (krell only software). Is this a real value? The anthem also has a tuner and is multi-zone (no present need).

I have not been able to compare the two directly. The Krell had a better overall set-up in the store, and sounded quite good in my brief listening. The anthem had an inferior location and speaker set-up. I don't really have an opinion yet. Does the anthem handle bright material well (2 channel) or is it fatiguing? Similarly, does it adequately handle bass?

I am planning on going back for a more involved listening, but would like to hear if anyone has done a similar comparison of these two pieces.
Save yourself some aggravation; don't waste your time/money on the AVM 20.
1) the build quality on their processors is terrible; I had to return 3 units back to the dealer in 3 months for various problems (the last one totally died after less than 1 month);
2) there is NO comparison sonically between the two: the Showcase (which I traded up to) is simply amazing -- you're paying for design/component/build quality, rather than bells and whistles.
I'm aware of some one in my area who's ears I respect who spent time in his system (Wilson Maxx speakers!) with both the Krell and the Sunfire Theatre Grand III. I understand that he bought the Sunfire, and as you might expect, price was not an issue. I'm spend time with the Sunfire II, but not the Krell.
Or go with the B&K Ref 50 and save some dough from either alternative. Don't buy B&K amps though...