Krell Showcase 7.1 VS Classe SSP 60

I am lookiing at both of these units and was wondering if any of you have any experience with them. Krell Showcase 7.1 VS Classe SSP 60 I am going to use the analog inputs coming from my Oppo 95. Are either more dependable? User Friendly? Sound quality?
I have the Classe SSP 60 and it has been bullet proof since I bought it new. Sound quality is excellent for home theater and set up is a breeze. Not familiar with the Krell so will let others chime in.
Nice. I actually purchased the SSP 60
Can you please elaborate on the choice on the Showcase? I am thinking about upgrading my old Krell HTS to a 7.1 processor
Good luck with it. A nice legend unit that I have a hard time thinking of replacing.
I loved the music of my HTS. The problem was that I was also using at for my home theater. The HTS only had Pro Logic (2 audio inputs) that create an early version of surround sound. The 7.1 has the ability to seperate each speaker. It has inputs for Front Right Front Center Frint Right Side Left Side Right Rear Left Rear Right and Sub. It does not have the most up to date processing or HDMI. It is a great unit without the most up to date computer processing program. The best back door bargain going is to buy a great preamp without the most current processing at a huge discount and hook it up via analog inputs to a CD / DVD unit with the most up to date processing. EX: The Oppo 90 is a great multi media unit with the most up to date processing with a great DA converter. Let the Oppo do the DA conversion / surround processing and hook it into the great sounding pre-amplifier with outdated processing that you purchased at a crazy cheap price, because it did not have the most recent surround processing, not because it did not sound great.
That is my 2 cents. I am happy to hear anyone else's opinion.
Please exceuse parts of my last post. I was typing too fast. You understand what I was getting at.
EX: Oppo 95 and Left Front. I really need to slow down when I am typing :)
/Gdush: So I guess the most economic way going forward would be to upgrade from my HTS to the Showcase 7.1 with an Oppo 93 or 95 ? I had planned the latter already with the acquisition of a 3D HDTV. I just do not want to miss out on the sonic qualities (compared to the SSP60) if driven in stereo mode.

/Hiflyer: re you remark about the Showcase 7.1, have you auditioned other processors (in the same price range)?
I just purchased the Classe 60 and am doing what you just said with the Oppo 95. There are a couple of Showcases on Audiogon now for about $750 with a best offer. Not a bad price. I bet you could get one for $650 if you are patient.
When I purchased the Classe SSP 60 I only had a few other choices to audition. (Anthem,Cary,Arcam and a few others)but ultimately chose the Classe unit. Have been very happy with it and will eventually upgrade to the new Classe unit with hdmi.