Krell Showcase or Bryston SP 1.7

Has anyone tried or compared these latest models of preamp/processors? What were your impressions?
Hi, Roger:

I can't speak to the Krell, but I own the Bryston SP-1 and think it is excellent piece of equipment. The new SP1.7 is simply an upgraded SP-1, with analog inputs for DVD-A / SACD, support for 6-channel and 7-channel surround, and 96 kHz upsampling (this last item is the chief reason I would personally consider upgrading to the 1.7). For more info about how Bryston feels about having to manufacture the 1.7, rather than continue the SP-1, I suggest you read their current newsletter at this Web address:

If you are interested in a more extended dialogue about what I think of the SP-1, please feel free to drop me a personal E-mail, or call me at 206-772-1909.

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Scott C-
I understand the Krell Showcase also has the neat feature
of Digital EQ room correction. This will allow you to
essentially tune the sound for your room without costly room accoustics products like bass traps, diffusers, etc.

I think this is a great selling point.

If you also throw the Sunfire into the mix with the SP 1.7 and the Krell Showcase, how do they compare for only Home surround processing??

I also have to give the Bryston SP 1.7 the thumbs up. Prior I owned a Proceed AVP. It was a great machine but I was unwilling to pay the huge upgrade cost. So I sold it and bought the 1.7 I have no regrets. I prefer the sound of the internal dacs of the 1.7 as well. Also the 1.7 has true analogue bypass which equals the BP-25. It is a great machine with 20 year warranty and excellent customer service.
Another vote for the SP1.7. Will "upgrade" my SP1 to it should I ever opt for the multi-channel audio. The SP1 and 1.7 are great pieces of audio engineering and value.