SunfireTG3- Para HaloC2 or Krell Showcase ?

I am unable to audition due to location, I am looking for a new prepro, I am considering the Sunfire Theater Grande 3, the parasound halo c2, and the krell showcase prepro's, all are about the same list price, I am replacing a anthem av20 that I have had problems with, any opinions would be welcome, I am 70%music and 30 ht, thanks
Samski, I can't help you out much on your pick as I have never listened to the Krell or Parasound. I do own a Sunfire Theatergrand II and can say that the sunfire's are very good on movies and music, they are also very easy to set up and use. I have never had any problems with mine and can only guess that the theatergrand III would be even better than mine.
Aragon stage one :)
I've auditioned the Parasound C2 in my system for a good period and I'm really impressed with the sound; like you my emphasis is on music over HT. Haven't heard the Sunfire; listened to the Showcase at dealer and it was impressive, but not as warm or musical as the C2 IMHO.

Hey Francis, that was quick, What gives?