Krell Restoration

Want to restore my FPB-200. Works fine, but must repair my 802s and thought I should have the Krell caps checked out and replaced as needed. It's been 15 years of hard use. Should I send it to Krell, or use a local, highly regarded specialist located near me on the West Coast? Got the Krell carton, but shipping could be deadly. Any experience with third party repair?
I've used Steve Lekrone from The Service Department, Steve used to be a tech at Krell,he's very good, he re-capped my MDA 500's, but he's in CT


I concur w/ gasman_67. If you want it done correctly, then send it to Steve @ The Service Department in CT.

I agree as well about lacrone, however,  krell can do the job as well,  useing a skid is a must!