Krell Pre with ARC Amps - how 'bout that?


I read with interest the posts about ARC preamps combined with Krell amps. What about the other way round, specifically Krell KRC-HR combined with ARC VT150's?

Would this be a good match?

TIA for your comments!
Why on earth would you want to do this? Would be like putting a Geo Metro engine in a Ferrari!

I have found the preamp to be a far more significant link in the chain than the amp. This is one part of the system where you do not want the weakest link. The Krell preamp would be much much below that of the ARC amps.

The VT150s are phenomenol amps. I had the VT130 stereo amp for 3 years and loved it. This amp had outstanding midrange, ambience and 3D presentation and quite a nice top end. But you need to drive it with a preamp of similar qualities or all the magic will be lost. If these are the amps you like, ditch the Krell and get an ARC LS5, LS25 or better yet, the latest BAT preamps.
Actually a great amp would greatly improve you system. The Krell FPB series is a wonderful mate with your KRC-HR, which is one of the best pre-amps ever made!