krell or levinson336 or sunfire signatur

want new amp to go with martin logan monolith 3p speakers have levinson39 360s front end and 380s pre ?
You seem to like the Levinson sound, so why don't you just stick with the Levinson amp as well. You can even turn the whole system on and off from the same remote. Krells are generally less musical than the Levinsons. They are harsher, brighter & dryer at the top which is not the best match for your Monoliths, the bass of the Krell will create other other sonic problems between the electrostatic panel and the woofer driver. As far as the Sunfire amp goes, it just isn't in the same league as the other two.
I installed the sunfire two channel sig on monoliths and was amazed at the sound.Very smooth and powerful, great woofer control, current source the panels and voltage source the woofers. very nice indeed.