Krell KRS2 Preamp

Hi Folks:

Has anyone been able to compare the sound of this former flagship with contemporary Krell gear or current solid state preamp unbalanced technology? I have also read constantly that Krell's built in phono stages are excellent. Any comment on how those circuits measure up to today's outboard or built in products would be appreciated.

Thanks as always.

CT Audio Society
I was an early Krell dealer and had a earlier model stand alone phono stage [KPE ?] up until a few years ago. I always thought they were well built but the weakest part of the line compared to their amps and line stage. I think you can do better for the money. Phono stages appear to be just about the most difficult component to design considering how many so-so ones there are on the market.
I used to have one in my system running all Krell and Apogee Duetta know, the best High End system at the time...the pre is one of the best, but it has LOTS of gain, so you may try it first if it will not over power your system.....

Thank you.