Krell KCT switches to standby mode

I just tested a Krell KCT from my friend in my system. When I changed the volume it suddenly switches to standby. I had to switch it on again to listen to the music. The sound is good and nothing looks strange.

Could this be due to the remote. Maybe the wrong command is sent. My friend also has a Krell KCT and he has exactly the same problem. I heard this happens in the first series of the Krell KCT. Anybody has this experience.

This has happened to me once since I've had the KCT for over two years now. I remember unplugging the unit and then replugging and rebooting; no problems since and that was well over a year ago. My guess is it was due to a power surge that may have caused the KCT's software to "hiccup."
I own a krell fpb-200,power amp with this same problem! when the amp is in stand-by it's fine. If turned off or unpluged for any length of time it will keep turning off. Eventually!!!!? it stays on. When I sent it back to Krell, amp was fine for them (figures) Anyone have any ideas? thanks so much.
Well I did some more investigation and found out that both of my friends have had the same problem before. What was the case. The KCT was standing close to the window and the problem happened whe the sun was shining on the KCT. For some reason the infrared light of the sun interfered with the remote causing it to go to standby.

I talked to the main distributor of Krell and they thought it could be a problem in the power supply. With the upgrade to KCT X2 (new power supply and some other new components) this problem should be gone. However since last week the problem did not happen anymore.

Surfing around I found this thread. I have a Krell KRC2. If there is a lot of static electricity around & I touch the pre it will go into stand by. It actually sends the unit into "mute" and turns off any source selected. I just need to select the source wanted, hit mute and it is all better again. The problem never happens unless I actually touch the pre amp. We get a lot of hot dry air where I live in the fall and sometimes it can be annoying. The Krell tech said it is common. I was hoping it was fixed by the next series they produced.