Krell KAV-400xi vs KAV-280p & 2250

Is it worth the extra $5,000 for the KAV Pre-Amp. & Amp. vs the 400xi Integrated? Both systems have plenty of power with only 50 wpc between them. Has anyone had a chance to do a side-by-side comparison? $5K is a lot of money, would I be better off putting it towards a new pair of Speakers (better return?)?
Kerr, Sounds like you already know the answer. That 400 is an exceptional piece. The owner of my local Krell dealer has one in his home. He can have whatever he wants. If you have equal source units, take half the savings for better speakers, and half for music. Enjoy! Z.
Right on, Zieman. At 2500.00, the 400XI is a very good value. There are better ones but you have to pay a lot more.