PS Audio GCC250 vs. Krell S-300i/400xi/300i

I have the earlier 300i with B&W 9NT's and was thinking of upgrading to the newer Krell amps that double the transformer size. While I don't see many reviews or feedback on the PS Audio GCC250, Has anyone heard how the PS Audio GCC250 sounds when compared to the Krell S-300i/400xi/300i integrated amps? The GCC250 has some inovative design aspects, does it surpass the Class A design of other amps?
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HIFICRITIC has the S-300i as a best buy and much better than the old model.
I am sure the S-300i is much better than the old model and weighs much more with the larger size transformer. I just had a demo from a store that was D.O.A. and would shut down with nothing connected so I never got an opinion of how it sounded.