Krell 400xi vs s300i ----

Anyone had the chance to compare the new s300i to the 400xi? I was ready to go ahead and purchase the 300, but my local dealer decided to throw a wrench in my decision by telling me about a pretty good deal he has on a 400xi demo. Speakers will be Totem Forests. Thanks for any thoughts....
I sold my 400 to buy the 300 within the last 90 days. I also sold my SACD at the same time so this comparison may not be he best but here you go. SACD replaced by Krell Showcase DVD until new matching player for the 300 is released. Fit and finish on the 400 to me is better, just look at all four corners. The 300's focus seems to be on the front which looks great but the rest of the cabinet looks average. How does it sound? To me the 300 has more air about it and also has a wider soundstage. The 400 is a great int but sounded much harsher than the 300. Both systems ran Revel Salons and were connected using balance connections with Signal Cables. Did not have both amps at the same time so this is from memory but at this point I'm happy and have no buyers remorse. Hope this helps.
Do a search here...There was a thread not long ago about Krell integrateds. That should tell all you need to know :)
Thanks for the info. I did a quick search here but did not find anything specifically comparing these two. I hope I will get the chance to listen to both. I've heard the 400 with the Forests and it sounded amazing. I am a little curious about having the Ipod input on the 300 however. The ipod connection would be useful.....
Here are a couple. The 2nd thread was a few months ago I spoke of (This is a good thread comparing the two). Just search Krell 400xi integrated amp or s300i and you should find plenty of threads :)
Thanks for the link. Lots of good info there.
Audiogon member Dave_b pretty much nailed the sound of this amp. I auditioned the 300i in a dealer showroom and completely agree with Dave's assessment. In addition to what Dave has already said I am impressed by the amp's ability to capture the ambivance of the recording. A slight trace of coldness and tone missing I didn't strike a deal right there and then though.