Krell iBasis Amp

Has anyone purchased a Krell Duo 300 amp.  What are the strengths and weakness of this amp.  My concern is the number of fans used to reduce heat and their long term reliability.  Thanks in advance for your input.

I have a Krell Chorus 5200 and am amazed at the musicality and smoothness. It definitely sounds like a Class A amp which I suppose it is. It sounds very much like a Pass 250.8 that I recently demo'd in the same system. I would expect the Duo to exceed the multi channel Chorus.
I don't hear the fans unless right at amp and glad they are there. Definitely there will be added longevity to the amp. You can buy a Duo 300 greatly discounted and will have picked up a great amp. Hopefully some unbiased Krell guys will jump in. 
Greetings. I wish I had greater experience with a wide range of amps to compare, but I upgraded last year from a Yamaha DSPA1 to the Krell Duo and Trio 300, running with the Krell Foundation and I never cease to be in awe of the musical experience that occurs. The more you open it up, it just gets better and better, tight, controlled, truly powerful.
They run quietly and cool, but will get warm if I am listening at concert/high volume, but never out of hand. 
I am very happy with them.