Whats the difference between these two models? Does one sound better than the other, the cx looks nice with the black faceplate. Thanks
The "c" can be run with the Cast cables from Krell with one of there Cast preamps. The "X" is an "improved" version of the FPB line. When comparing I noticed a little refinement and better treble in the "X" version. I have not heard the Krells run cast. Both are very good amps. (X or Not)
I owned 600c and 700cx. The 700cx was bought new, it was not the 600c upgraded. The 700cx is a little darker sounding and it is also smoother. The 600c in direct compairson, can be a little harsh in the edges of voices etc, a slight sting in the treble if compaired to 700cx and with equiptment that proves that. I used the 700cx and 600c with Teac P-70 and D-70. The 600c was connected to PMC MB-2. This combo had a hard tone. When i switched to 700cx the top end was significantly smoother. If you use 600c, you can also use a smoother preamp than Krell. The 600c is a very very good amp though. Also, the Teac and Esoteric combos is so incredible detailed in the top end. They will not do a romantic sound. A smoother cdp, like krells old 25sc, is way more forgiving. Though, you will miss all of that the TEac combo did. Only thing the 25sc did better was bass slam. I also used KCT and KCT 28c cdp.
If you use ordinary xlr at the 600c, use cables with smooth top end. A cheap cable that is very good is signal cable silver resolution xlr. Very good interconnect for that price. We did a blind test. Silver Res, compaired to Transparent Audio's cast cables. No one out of 4 person could differ the two. All was very deer Krell users.