Krell Evo 600 issues/replacement advice

I thought I’d just made the final major upgrade to my system with addition of a D’Agostino Momentum preamp —stunning component with flawless performance.  It is connected to a pair of Evo 600s, and I was really satisfied.  They are powering Revel Salon 1s.

this morning one of the amps kept tripping it self off after the red light on the front glowed for around 5 seconds.  I checked all the connections and tried again.  This time the red light stayed lit, so I pushed the power button on the front.  The light turned to flashing blue (as it the norm) then the light went completely dark.  I played some music, and the amp is functioning without issue, other than the light ring around the power button being dark.
I sent off an email to Krell to get some assistance/arrange to send them in for service and discovered their factory is closed with no prognosis for opening.  So, I could be living on borrowed time...

I’ve had the amps for 10 years and really like them, but their power consumption while off/standby  (red light around the power button lit) is pretty high.  If I’m away from home for a day or two I usually turn them of from the back.  That’s a minor inconvenience, but still an inconvenience.

I’ve had several dealers tell me their performance is still in the upper ecelons, but there are better options available, so I guess my upgrade journey might not be complete after all.  MBL Noble, Gryphon and Krell Solo 575 XD were mentioned as replacement candidates.

There are a couple sets of Momentum 300 mono amps advertised here and on US Audiomart, but a dealer told me that I should get Momentum 400s instead.

Has anybody had the opportunity to compare the Momentum 300s and  400s, or have any recommendations on other mono amps to,consider if I have to replace the Evo 600s?



I've heard the D'Agostino momentums in the same room as Luxmans.  I have to tell you that you should listen to both. :)


The new Krell Solo XD amps are a completely different sound than your Evo 600 generation. I think the Evo generation was the best Krell amp in their history. The new Solo and XD type amps have more of a very smooth Class A sound. Really smooths out the sound and gentles the highs. They are definitely not as crisp and neutral as the Evo 600.

I think the new D’Agostino amps are voiced warm, not like Evo 600 at all.

I think the MBL and Gryphon are going to be the closest in sonic signature to your Evo 600. Another option would be Soulution, which I thought sounded really high resolution and transparent like the Evo 600 were (but they are seriously expensive).

I don’t necessarily agree with those dealers that say there are better options available "nowadays".

In the end, it’s up to you if you want to find something with the same sonic signature or something different.
Thanks for the advice, I’ll check out Luxman and Solution as possible replacements...
Momentums are warm ...for simliar Evo neutral sound, add Boulder, T+A and CH Precision to the list.
I have heard Boulder amps.  While they are not as smoothed over as the new Krell XD stuff, they do still have just a tiny bit of the lush coloration that is typical in some of these bipolar Class A amps.  The EVO 600 is still more neutral and uncolored (some people don't like Krell).  No wrong answer here because it's all about personal taste.