Krell EVO-1, FPB-750MCX or EVO-900

HI all,

Would like any feedbacks in upgrading or to stay put...
I currently have a pair of krell FPB-750MCX with Evo-202 pre driving Revel Salons ( 86db @6ohms). Love the current sound but have the itch to upgrade either the Ev0-1 ( 450W ) or the Evo-900 and worried if the Evo-1 having less power will not able to drive the Salons properly. Ive been told the Evo-1 will do the job OK and sound much better that the EVO-900 since it's Class A compared to the 900's in Class A/B but my 750MCX are also in Class A.
Just don't want to make a mistake so any help here appriciated.
Cheers in advance.
I would stick with your 750 mcx amps for sure!, doing what Rminsf is talking about would be a win, win situation, I know, I did all that he said, except the 220 yet, it's like a whole new amp indeed!, I do not believe their would be a competition if your 750mcx got new caps and a tune up with diodes and transisitors against a msb amp by no means, really, you would not convince me of that!
It is my opinion, The 700cx and 750mcx amps are some of the very best krell amps ever made, what do I know?, I do know what my ears tell me, might be my preferance, but in the end, if it's in my house, that's what counts.
I agree completely. There are many things that are necessary to make the 750mcx achieve their full potential:
a) Each one with a dedicated 20amp line
b) Directly into the line, no power filters
c) 220V
d) recapping by a Krell dealer
e) top amp stands such as SRA, HRS or Finite Elements
f) great interconnects and speaker cables such as Echole Omnia and Kubala Realization
g) My Krell dealer installed furutech power cable plugs, so I will be trying different power cables.
h) Have great front end, preamp, speakers, cables, room...
Do most of this and the 750mcx are really amazing!