Krell EVO-1, FPB-750MCX or EVO-900

HI all,

Would like any feedbacks in upgrading or to stay put...
I currently have a pair of krell FPB-750MCX with Evo-202 pre driving Revel Salons ( 86db @6ohms). Love the current sound but have the itch to upgrade either the Ev0-1 ( 450W ) or the Evo-900 and worried if the Evo-1 having less power will not able to drive the Salons properly. Ive been told the Evo-1 will do the job OK and sound much better that the EVO-900 since it's Class A compared to the 900's in Class A/B but my 750MCX are also in Class A.
Just don't want to make a mistake so any help here appriciated.
Cheers in advance.
Stick with the 750's; the EVO monos are not that much better and are too expensive! You have great amps!
i heard these once(not on Salons) and would stay with the 750' minimal of difference that you will be upset you did it
Thanks guys,

The upgrade from the KCT to the Evo-202 with Nordost MMF cast was dramatic with much more dynamic, detail and control so I was thinking if the Evo power amps will do the same?.

I also have a pair of Salons (Gen I) & recently sold my levinson 33H's. Was thinking of the Krell FBP 350MCX's to replace the 33H's. How do your salons sounf with krell amps powering them? Thanks.
Agree with Hifi: stick with the FPB 750mcx monos.
Forget about the Krell´s and go for the MSB M202´s. Less power, but supperior sound qulity. I have owned several Krells: KSA 100s, 200s, FPB 200, 300, 600, KAS 2 and 1, MCX 450, 750. But newer the Evo One´s yet. Then I heared the MSB´s and never have I heard anything like them. The Krell´s sound lige a welding machine in comparisson. They are rated at 200w/ 8 ohms, but they drive the Ultima Saloons without effort, so !!! Thats my thoughts.
EVO one's have zero negative feed back and will drive just about any speaker in exsistance. I was in a simalar situation. I had the evo 202 and evo 600's. I was considering a move to the ones. Im the end I desided to go tubes. Had I gone with the ones I would not been upset. As it stands I am quite happy with my choise. The ones are in a differant league as all other Krell and other ss amps mentioned. Also they will work with the triggers on you 202.

The Evo 1 have a little negative feedback (not zero). In any event, they are very nice, controlled bass, neutral sound (much more so than the FPB series). I owned a pair for a while but the heat, even in standby was scary enough to convince me to sell them (250W per side in standby). At 33 cents per kilowatt/hour that was 3-4 dollars a day. For something which may be more liquid but a touch warmer, you might consider Boulder. I wouldn't go for the Evo 900s. You might also look for a pair of the Evo e series that purport to improve on the range.
Short of actually listening, it would help to know how much power you're actually drawing now out of your 750's.

How loud do you listen, how big and sound-absorbent is your room, and how far from the speakers do you sit? The Revels are power-hungry, but 450 conservative watts would probably be more than enough in a lot of situations.

If you don't know what kind of power you need, you can get a Radio Shack sound level meter, and just do the math (or post the readings and someone can tell you what kind of power you're using).
I would add something here too. Remember all this advice is from different sources and set-ups. One, all krell amps sound better at 220 volts, much better that 117! 2nd comparing the KCT and a fresh new EVO 202 are not the same thing, freshin up the caps and replace any aged resisters in the KCT before direct comparison. You will here a difference but not as "DRAMATIC" as everyone describes here. The KCT and FPB "MCX" combo run in cast is pretty damn good with fresh caps and solid power. I have heard many people trash krells and after seeing their setup (poor standard wall wiring) it was easy to see why.

With my brand new house, copper wiring and sockets, the KAV 2250 at least plays on a 15amp circuit and sounds ok, the FPB sounds bad on this and sometimes will not turn on because of low voltage, on a 30amp 220 volt dedicated circuit the FPB750MCX amps sound stunning. Im not saying peoples opinion are not valid but results may vary, I know very few that supply these high end amps with a proper power supply setup, you need more than a power conditioner. Each of my FPB750MCX amps have 6000 watt of transformer in them, running a pair (12,000 W) on a single 15 amp 1800 watt line is not going to result in great sound. I know this makes everything more confusing, but often its not the amps that need to be upgraded, sometimes they just need knew caps and a tune up, the difference on a 15 yo component is dramatic. Krell reccomends replacing the caps and tuning up the amps and preamps every 10 years.
I have the evolution ones with the twos and cypher mcintosh mt10 naim nds and 555 power supply a fbi with two wilson audio thor's hammer subs and westlake audio sm1s and nordost odin thor power unit odin power cords and odin balanced xlrs all krell gear connected over cast..haven't got anything msb?
So, what did you finally decide?
I would stick with your 750 mcx amps for sure!, doing what Rminsf is talking about would be a win, win situation, I know, I did all that he said, except the 220 yet, it's like a whole new amp indeed!, I do not believe their would be a competition if your 750mcx got new caps and a tune up with diodes and transisitors against a msb amp by no means, really, you would not convince me of that!
It is my opinion, The 700cx and 750mcx amps are some of the very best krell amps ever made, what do I know?, I do know what my ears tell me, might be my preferance, but in the end, if it's in my house, that's what counts.
I agree completely. There are many things that are necessary to make the 750mcx achieve their full potential:
a) Each one with a dedicated 20amp line
b) Directly into the line, no power filters
c) 220V
d) recapping by a Krell dealer
e) top amp stands such as SRA, HRS or Finite Elements
f) great interconnects and speaker cables such as Echole Omnia and Kubala Realization
g) My Krell dealer installed furutech power cable plugs, so I will be trying different power cables.
h) Have great front end, preamp, speakers, cables, room...
Do most of this and the 750mcx are really amazing!