Krell 750mcx or EVO 600

Hello all, I've got the itch...again.I have a KCT and EVO 505 and a pair of FPB 750mcx all in CAST powering a pair of Resolution 1's. I'm contimplating selling the 750's and moving to the EVO 600 (non e...out of budget) and selling the KCT and moving to the EVO 202

Thoughts please!!!
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I went from a 400CX to a paii of evo 400's and couldnt be happier, go for it.
Ping me if you are serious about letting those 750Mcx's go. I have heard,2nd hand not in person, that the move to EVO 600 is a nice tick up, however, the move to the 600e is more substantial.

You are not going to go wrong with EVO 202 | EVO 600 | EVO 505 combo. The only thing you will miss, is not knowing where else to go. For that, there is always the Phantom + Phantom II.
On the net I read that EVO 600 use a lot of electricity (bill up 100USD/month) and get awful hot. The new e version use far less electricity and get not so hot?
I don't now how the 700mcx are in those aspects.
Hi, Krell is showing their new amps at 2014 ces, let me know what your impressions are, Thankyou.
Hi fellow members, Go and look at what I posted on the Krell 302 and 302 evo E thread, I get heads up with krell and Taralabs way before most audiophiles do, thru their company E-mails and phone calls to me, best of luck fellow members
Has anybody heard the new gear from Krell at CES?
As far as this thread gos, LOl!, I would do the fpb 750mcx over the evolution 600 any day!, now the evo E may be a different story?
Well I actually had them side by side and the new EVO line is opener and brighter. I thought the 750MCX had the best bass of all amps but the EVO goes deeper much much more detail. Overall the EVO 600 was better but not night and day. So I stayed with the new EVO line.