Krell 350mc vs Mark Levinson 336

I have a pair of B&W Nautilus 802's and want to upgrade my system.I listen to jazz and R&B. Which amp would be best for these types of music?I have ARC's D240 and an LS2 right now.
Remember that B&W used the Krell FPB650M to voice their Nautilus line.
Remember that the 350M's are more expensive.
Remember that the 350M's are monoblocks and the Levinson is not.
You might think more about comparing the 336 to the Krell FPB300. It will give the Levinson a better chance.
Buy what YOU think sounds best.
If you want to compare a Levinson with the Krell 350m's, you should look at the Levinson No. 436....mono's with 350 watts a channel....they are better than the 336 and still cheaper than the 350m's....I think they are better than the Krell, but that's my opinion and you should get what sounds good to you, as Drrdiamond said.
I had a Levinson 335 and now I have a Krell FPB 200C the krell is very nice but the Levinson is much more deep and airy sounding. The Levinson has a holographic sound to where the krell does not. They are both nice the Levinson 336 is so good that you will be suprised that for a lot less money the levinson will sound better. I use a Krell FPB 220c B&W N803 and a MARK LEVINSON 39 CD PLAYER the levinson smoothes my system out very nicely
Mark Levinson is much more natural then any Krell I have heard. Krell are about slam and in your face and bright.

Krell is one of the few brands I have never owned, that says a lot, because I owned a ton of other brands.
If you have not auditioned the 436's, you have to check them out. They blew away the 336 when I compared them side to side. Much more open and airy, with more solid bass. I've listened to the Krell in a couple of different shops around the Bay Area and I'm not impressed (but then again, soundstage and imaging are more important to me than bass slam and extreem detail). It's all about personal taste...
I heard a 336 on B&W N802 speakers and I wished I could have bought it on the spot. Quite an amp IMO. I auditioned Krell here and there and agree with the guys' comments above that it is on the in-your-face side of things which I don't care for. Arthur
I think everybody thinks Krell is "in your face", bright, etc because of reading threads like this.

I've auditioned the 700cx, and it isn't remotely bright imho. Maybe past renditions were, but the new cx series is a different animal.

With B&Ws, i'd take the Krell...of course, i've always thought Levinson amps are boring (334, 336)
I have a Krell FPB 200c powering my Nautilus 804n speakers.NO BRIGHTNESS - nice smooth sound!!!
I am using VTL MB450's and 5.5 Pre with fantastic results.