Krell 300i as a pre

Wondering if anyone has used their krell 300i as a pre? What was the equipment and what was your experience?
I once used a 300i as a Preamp feeding Audion Silver Night monoblocs just to see how good the pre stage was. I quickly gave up on the idea - inferior resolution resulted. I understand the pre-stage is not up to the standard of their separates.
I owned the 300i for a few years. I liked it very much for its speed, clarity and power (for an integrated). Then I found a killer deal on a used Krell KRC3 preamp. I intended to buy and then sell it for a profit because I knew I could easily make $400 dollars by simply listing it online. However, when I compared it to my 300i, I was so surprised and pleased with the KRC3 that I ended up selling my 300i and going with separates.
I tried 300i as a pre-amp to match up with ML333 and Audio Research VT100III. It is not in the same league so I gave up and got a pre-amp SP16L. 300i by itself is a good integrated amp but separate pre-power amps beat it by a pretty good margin so does the costs of the separate setup. You get what you pay for.
Thanks for the input. Your experiences are what I suspected.