Koetsu Jade Platinum vs. Koetsu Jade Plat. Diamond

Has anyone compared the 2 cartridges and what differences did you hear.
Hi,maybe I should word this a little better,has anyone had a onyx or jade platinum and upgraded or heard the diamond platinum version.I am thinking of upgrading from a onyx platinum and would like to know.
the proper koetsu name for the diamond version of the jade platinum is the "burma jade." i own a burma jade and have compared it in my system and my dealer's to the onyx and jade platinums, which are the same cartridges but for the body material. the burma jade is quite clearly within the sound "style" of the other upper eschelon stone-bodied koetsus but takes that style several steps beyond. its musicality and detail are so perfectly combined that it suffers nothing in comparison to the highest end insiders, lyras or the like. i can't recommend it too highly.

associated equipment: clearaudio anniversary, with synchro, outer ring, etc; graham phantom; aesthetix io signature phono; boulder pre and nagra vpa's.
Thanks Cornfedboy for your input,it helps me out on making my decision very easy.I to have a graham phantom arm,does the Burma Jade track at the same force as a onyx platinum (around 2 grams.)
The TIGER EYE is the name of the stone used as a setting,in the pinky rings,of "Fellow Lansmen",who,also happen to be "Alter Cockers"!!
I had a Koetsu Jade Platinum for several years and when the time came to replace the stylus (actually after my son broke it at a party of his, but that is a secret grief) I decided to upgrade to Diamond. The difference was staggering and represents far better value than the initial cost of the cartridge. It is also not a bad deal if you can send it back to Japan direct.

Bass and midrange are totally clean and spacious, also much more muscular and dynamic. Top end is just not there until it is- in other words there is an inky blackness from which cymbals suddenly appear; initially you think for a while there is no top end until a cymbal is struck and you realise you are hearing it like never before. Space and stage are immense; we all closed our eyes the other night to listen to the Concierto de Aranjuez and all felt as if we were on a giant bed flying over Spain. A very strange experience, especially as we hadn't even been drinking.

Anyway, well worth upgrading.

“A very strange experience, especially as we hadn't even been drinking.”


Well, since this post has been resurrected from the dead, has anyone had experiences going from a Jade/Onyx Platinum to a Diamond version?