B&W 804 Diamonds, Center, Sub, Rotel amp, marantz

Hi everyone,

i am a newbie to the site, though I have been using it as my reference point for the last few years.

I am debating whether to upgrade my system. I currently have:
- B&W 804 Diamonds
- B&W HTM Centre
- B&W ASW 10 Sub
- Rotel RMB 1575
- Marantz SR7007 Receiver
- Furman Elite 15i Conditioner

All these have been babied and are in 9.5 out of 10 condition. I have all the boxes etc.

Before posting it up for sale, I wanted to see if there was any decent interest in the system as a whole or components within the Rome/Italy/European market. I am planning to move out of Italy, so I wouldn't mind ridding myself of 400 lbs of audio equipment and to buy in my new place.

Thanks for your interest! Of course, I'm also happy to answer any questions.