Know any DIY spkr kits w/woofer driven full-range?

Hi All,
There are several well known 2-way monitors, where the woofer is driven full-range.
Does anyone know of any DIY kits or plans/projects that use this technique?

Anyone had any direct experience with such?

Any comments or the advantages or disadvantages of such?
Thanks and happy listening!
Can you clarify what size you would consider monitor?
There are many approach to this.
Many folks like to use AER, Lowther or cheaper Fostex single driver with a sub.
Some folks use coaxial drivers and it works great.
Other folks use 10" to 15" full range driver and coupled with ultra hi frequency in 180 reverse phase. That also works great.
You can visist
Diatone....Japanese speaker, I think.. ...supposedly very good.
check out madisound they can help ya,just google them up.
Just came across some Moth Audio Cicada drivers at for 119.95 each. They also have the cabinet drawings
You asked about any disadvantages. A woofer (or any driver for that matter) has very uneven frequency response, and poor off-axis response, as it approaches its high end frequency limit. It is best to silence the driver before it reaches this uneven range, and let a different driver, designed for higher frequency, take over.
Check out this link for kits or fully assembled.

Other kits are available using Lowther drivers. I was all set to bild a kit but found used Lowther foorstanding for about the same price as the drivers.