klipsch kg4's have no kick in the mid, need mods

I have a klipsch surround system including the kg's, and a velodyne cht15 sub. I know this is not state of the art, but I just need to work with what I have for now uless their is a cost effective alt. I have stongly considered selling the sub for a sunfire or m&k because I listen to 70% music. I am trying to a find a clean sounding 6.1 receiver right now also. I am looking for mods for the kg's or perhaps a recommendation on a different setup. I have no mid range punch around 150hz. Is this a sub problem or an amp problem or what. I have played guitar for many years so my ears are sensitive to good sound but my pocket book has other obligations right now. Any help will be appreciated
Are your kg's the old mid-80's originals (plain "4"), or one of the later "4.X" iterations? I owned a pair of the original kg4's for a while back at that time, and can tell you that nothing you could do for or with them will make them into even a reasonably high-fidelity transducer. If this is where you're at, I would bail on the Klipsch's and begin again from scratch rather than investing more $, time, and effort into a losing cause. (I can't comment from experience on any of the later versions of this model.)
They are the early model and I was really thinking of selling them anyway to upgrade. I am wanting to stay with klipsch and get the rf-7s.
Try the Klipsch web site. They have their own forum.
Viper, I'd go with your sell instinct on this one. I can't make specific replacement recommendations, but feel free to email me if you want to discuss my particular criticisms of the kg4's.
-most you can do w/ klipsch if they're floorstanders is deaden the cabinets with dynammat (have done on epic series and made improvement in LF)
-sunfire is not the best sub for music, get another, m&k, etc.