Klipsch Heritage Range


With Heritage Range I mean specially Heresy IV and Forte IV.

Reviewers often says that they are made for rock. Also Jazz and sing and songwriter songs are mentioned. But never classical music. Why? Are there any lovers of classical music that also loves Klipsch?



Hmm... so maybe it basically a room issue. But still, I have never heard any fan of classical music saying they have a Klipsch speaker from the Heritage range.
@simna and @leahy 
I first tried a combination of the cxn v2 and Cambridge audio cxa81. Then I tried with my naim uniti atom. I eventually wound up keeping a pair of Martin kogan 6xti. Leahy I didn't burn in as you are suggesting. They were new. 

was that a rogue sphinx 1 you found noisy? Mine was very noisy and could be readily heard several feet from speakers with 89dB sensitivity.
yes, the sphinx is a great sounding amp on many levels, but there is definitely a bit of noise that comes with it, in my experience. 
Klipsch company is bloated and their product subsequently overpriced.

I have the Crites cornscala and am a very happy customer, and I enjoy classical mostly. The cornscala can be sent to you built for 2/3 rds of the cost of a lowly heresy- completely agree with post from jwl244 above.