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Klipsch Heritage Range
yes, the sphinx is a great sounding amp on many levels, but there is definitely a bit of noise that comes with it, in my experience.  
Klipsch Heritage Range
I got the Heresy-IVs back in late November. When I started to go down the path of picking a new speaker, I had another speaker maker point out some of the issues with my room so I planned to treat the room around the same time that I ordered my IV... 
Hum Help
Great advice and insights. Thanks all.  
Technics + Jelco + Ortofon 2M Black PNP - headshell not level
I did a few things: -I moved the headshell when in the arm to get closer to level -I upped the anti-skate (it was at half of the tracking force) to the full tracking force -I swapped the cables from the ifi phono pre because the ones that were goi... 
Rega P2 or ...?
The P2 was my first 'real' turntable some two plus decades ago. I lived with it happily for a long time. I think that the P3 is more of Rega's sweet spot and that some of the $500 or so Project turntables are better. I also agree with what other h... 
To those running Klipsch Forte IIIs...
i’m in-earthing this thread. i just picked up a pair of the H4s. they are so engaging (in a way that is a bit surprising) that i am thinking that i should push up to the F3 while i can. thoughts? anyone heard them side by side that can provide fee... 
Your favorite LP nobody has ever heard of
Hugh Masakela introducing Hedzoleh Sounds 
Rega RP8 Clearaudio Concept Wood or...?
Or the Pr0-Ject 10.1 for that matter. Anybody heard the two? 
Rega RP8 Clearaudio Concept Wood or...?
Yeah, I'm really curious about the Xtension tables, especially the 10. I like their cartridges and clearly enjoyed the 5.1. Hard to find a place to hear them, but maybe a road trip is in order. 
Integrated to go with KEF LS50
I have run both the Wyred4Sound mInt and the Rogue Sphinx with my LS50s and like both. The Sphinx is particularly well matched, and I like the sound of the tub preamp. The W4S has a fantastic DAC. The Sphinx has a very solid phono stage. You can't... 
moving magnet cartridge suggestions for rp8?
I had a AT150MLX on my Rega RP8 and was not a huge fan of the combo (and I really like that cartridge). There is a chance that it was due to a break in period after retipping it, but it sounded very lean. I know it is not much help as it is a MC c... 
Rega RP8 cartridge?
I have a Zu 103 on my RP8 with a Groovetracer counterweight. I think that they sound fantastic together. I'm fairly certain that the Zu guys take that combo to most of the shows. That combo would come in well below your budget. It's a great match ... 
Upgrade from Technics 1200 MK2? $1-$1.5k budget
Is the 750D or the 750L the right arm for the 1200? 
Best Cartridge for technics sl1200mk2
I believe that I spent some time with the Zu 103 on the Sumiko headshell on the Technics tonearm. I then put the SME 309 arm on with the Zu and it was a very noticeable jump up. I'm now playing around with a Rega arm. 
Step up from AT150MLX on Technics 1200
I have the AT 150MLX (which I still cycle in on occasion). I replaced it with the Zu DL 103. I think that the Zu 103 is a fantastic cartridge. Super musical. Very engaging. Well worth the money but still within a 'reasonable' price point.