Klipsch Heresy iii paired with Vintage Marantz integrated amp?

I've focused in on the Klipsch Heresy iii speakers and have found a few second hand pairs that meet the budget. New meets the budget as well.

I love the look, the sound, the size works for me, and I used to have a pair of KG2 Klipsch speakers that I bought new when I graduated high school. So I like klipsch. 

looking at new integrated amps in the $800 to $1200 range leaves me unsure what brand or level of features I'd pursue. Marantz, Yamaha, NAD, Cambridge audio, etc. 

I've been thinking something vintage would appeal to my aesthetic and the simplistic nature of features.
Ive found a MARANTZ Model 1152DC integrated amp for sale by the original owner.
assuming it functions as advertised; would this make for a decent pair with the klipsch?
The Marantz has been professionally cleaned, but not rebuilt.

music is old punk rock, classic rock, reggae, some hip hop (old), Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, etc....
sources would be primarily vinyl, cds, and possibly digital in the future.

 I've budgeted $5,000 total for a new (or new to me) system, but I'd like to stay below that as I have a kindergartner child and things don't always stay pristine, and I'd hate to buy brand new and have something happen.

thanks for any advice.
Not commenting yet on the question, but, cds are digital, fyi.
Thanks, I'm aware cds are digital. I should have typed a digital audio player....my wife insists that the iPod (or similar) is here to stay and we need one to play music during parties.

I do not own Heresy III's but do own Heresy I's and II's.  I am driving my HI's with a 2004 NAD T773 AVR and my HII's with an Integra DTM-40.4 network stereo receiver.  Both sound excellent in their specific systems and rooms.  In my experience, both the HI and HII are not amplification picky and have sounded great with many different brands(Marantz, NAD, Onkyo/Integra, Acurus, Luxman, Cambridge Audio, Denon, Sunfire, Anthem, etc) that I have used over the years.

With all that said, I see no reason why a Marantz 1152DC/Klipsch Heresy III combo should not sound pretty darn good unless the 1152DC has issues.