Klipsch Heresy? Crazy to consider?

I need help and advice. I have Prima Luna tube separates. Pre and power about 40 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Very small office approximately 9 x 12. I have Dynaudio x12's, Dynaudio x32's and a pair of KEF ls50's. All sound okay in my room. The x32's are just too big I think. The x12's sound great but not much bass. Considering a subwoofer. The ls50's sound good but not as great in the mids as the x12's. I think I might be underpowered for my speakers. A friend has some Klipsch Heresys that are supposed to be good with tubes. All Klipsch I heard I couldn't listen to long and real picky about material but I have only heard them with solid state (McIntosh 2105). Are the x12's my best bet for this room with a sub? Should I consider the Klipsch Heresys? Cannot listen to them in my room before buying. should I consider a more efficient speaker like Tekton or something in better quality. Or should I get a more powerful solid state amp and use with my tube preamp with what I have. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I have used a Prima Luna integrated (PL2) with a CD player as a source for almost 10 years in a similar sized room. I use monitors as opposed to floor standers, since the room serves as a TV room, for lack of a better phrase.

The two speakers that worked out the best for me were the Rega Aras (now the RS1) and my current speakers for the last 4 years, the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s .

Read the reviews, as the reviews tend to be spot on for the Sierra 1s.

I have an 82 vintage heresy that I labored over to get to sound pleasing to my ear. I use a GTA SE40....modded and a Melos sha 1. It is my second system. It sounds great a low volumes at night and good at medium volumes. They do not go low and are a bit restricted it soundstage. I found that they need to be off the floor or else it is like your listen from the balcony. If you couple them with a sub they project a wider stage. The mids get honky when push and the treble is not that refined.

So, in summary they are a speaker that is thin down low, get shouty when pushed and not very refined up top with a limited sound stage. Probably not something you would be happy with but they are fun.
I say yes to the Heresy's, Heresy II's or Heresy III's. They are awesome with tubes. Keep in mind they don't dig deep in the bass region but what bass they do produce is punchy and accurate. I use SS with both my HI's and HII's.

Very valid choice with many sonic strengths at their price. If you need more bass later get a good sub. Don't talk to most audiophiles about them, you will get a biased opinion. Talk to music lovers or owners.
I have heard the Dynaudio X12s and think them wonderful. They were driven by a 120 wpc SS Simaudio integrated and do like power. If the Prima Luna drives them to your liking in your small room and you only are looking for deeper bass then I would look for a sub.
I listened to some Heresys yesterday. Did not like them at all. No real clarity to me. Not compared to the speakers I have. Listened on an old Marantz 2250 something. I was expecting much more. I think my Dynaudio x32's are just too big for my room. I am thinking the ls50 or the x12's with the sub. Study on the ascend ones. Thanks. Dynaudio sub or any other sub suggestion? Small room so I don't want a big sub or a boomy sub. No movies just music.
"I listened to some Heresys yesterday. Did not like them at all. No real clarity to me. Not compared to the speakers I have. Listened on an old Marantz 2250 something."

When I had my Marantz 2252B driving my Heresys, I liked the "warmish" sound but I knew they were lacking detail in spades. I added an Acurus A250 to the mix and new I was getting closer to what I wanted. More punch and plenty of detail with a dead on neutral tone. Sold the 2252B and moved the A250 to another rig after I got my Luxman R-117 and the Heresys have never sounded better to this date. Soundstage widened and deepened, imaging was spot on even with less desirable recordings, mids were sweet and velvety and detailed, highs were extended without any shrillness, and the midbass punch was at a level I never expected.

I guess component matching is as important as "they" say.

Just my thoughts.

I have used a Primaluna Dialogue One with great success with various
model Tekton speaker. Great synergy, well balanced top-to-bottom. Easy
set up. Terrific sound.
Thanks Bill. I think you are right.
Hey Mikirob I have been seriously looking at Tekton. My room Is small. Thinking one of the Lore family from Tekton what do you suggest?
I have a pair of custom finished factory Klipsch H3s. Although they make useful music they are not the best in overall sound, lacking air and depth. I much prefer my Triangles for serious listening. I will never sell my Heresys but more for nostalgia reasons than as a sonic choice. With a sub, they do rock, even with 25 watt tube amps but the Triangles are just as easy to drive.
I'd suggest the M-lore which is only 34 inches tall, 95db efficient, 8 ohm impedance. I run these in my 14x16 foot office. Bass is 38hz. I run this most of the time now with the 8 watt Coincident Dynamo 34Se, previously with the Primaluna Dialogue One, which I still have. Mostly used EL34 or 6L6. I've also used Tekton Monitor. Check out Tekton website, just Google.
Thanks Mikirob. I am checking out the Tekton site.