Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II

I have a pair od A/D/S 1590's and thinking of replacing them with Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II. will rock n roll sound better on them and if so witch ones?
my amp is a mcintosh 7300. it should be enough power. What i had heard about klipschs is that you love them or hate them. out of the 3 speakers what one sound better with stones or even van halen. or should i look at a different direction?

Jon (newbe)
No one else is going to be able to tell you if you will like Klipsch or not. You'll have to listen for yourself. Taking a poll won't help. What happens when 75% tell you to buy (or not buy) a brand and your heart is really with the minority?

You've got to think about what you want from a speaker and then choose the one that best matches your priorities.

If I was in the situation, it'd be a pretty easy decision to stand pat or look elsewhere, but then I like a broader spectrum of music than you've indicated. Neutral voice quality and natural sounding acoustic instruments are more important to me than volume and punch and I don't find Klipsch particularly strong in the areas that mean the most to me..
All Klipsch speakers sound different. I had a Mac 7270 and have owned Chorus, Herseys, Forte, K4. I still have my favorite Quartets that I no longer use. Mac and Klipsch is a good marriage. Listen to the Stones on headphones. They're great in the studio but suck live. Good luck. BTW of the 2 I'd lean toward the Chorus. You have a fantastic amp. I only sold mine after 18 years to go to tubes.
I run the Fortes and love them, but I don't think that your decision has anything to do with the sound, per se. If you want to put the speakers out in the room for optimal imaging the Chorus is for you. If your room is such that the speakers will be positioned on the wall or in the corner (hence the name "Cornwall")then the Cornies are the easy choice, as they require a wall for proper bass. Additionally, if you are going for very low power amps, the Cornies will hold sway. These speakers are not at all comparable in their applications. I don't think that the ADS can hold a candle to either Klipsch, but saying that, I have not heard a pair on over fifteen years. YMMV.
Different but sideways. As described above, both the cornwall and the Chorus rock.If the chorus is in mint condition, it would get my vote.
Chorus 2's.
I'm going to check out the Chorus this weekend. The guys had them from day one. From the pictures they are in excellent condition. He's asking 850 for them. I played some Cat Stevens on the ADS 1590's for the first time and they sounded sweet. is having different speakers for a warped musical taste wrong?
I've owned almost all of the Klipsch models (KHorn, Belles, LaScalas, Cornwall I & II, Chorus I & II, Forte I & II, Heresy I & II, Quartet, Epic Series, KLF Series, etc) and find the Chorus and Fortes are often the most overlooked gems of the bunch. Klipsch do work very well with Mac Gear...
having different speakers for different moods is fine by me. I currently have 5 pairs..
Well I sold the 1590's today and now In the market for speakers.(didn't think they would sell that fast)
looking for something under 1200.00. the speakers have to sound good with Cat Stevens to Van Halen. will look at the Klipsch's this weekend. looking for other suggesting on speakers?
Do the newer Klipsch sound just as good as the old one's? My main concern is my room. Its 18 x 24 and its all ceramic tile. I did add a small area rug. Is my room a sound killer?
$850 is too much for the Chorus.

Chorus I or Chorus II or should i hold out for better Klipsch?
my budget is around 1200. I'm just looking for something better than my ADS 1590/s. i went to the only audio shop in Houston yesterday and heard the b&w 702 and 804's. the ADS sound better or at least to me. Maybe i need to start a new tread "what the best speaker under 1200? So far using Audiogon's Forums it was easy to pick out a amp, preamp and TT. picking out a cd player was a nightmare for a newbie (but i picked one on looks) now i'm just down to speakers.
Chorus does not sound very good, the bass alignment is off, skip it. The Chorus II is really good, however. And yes, your room is a sound killer.
If your budget is $1200, that is more than necessary for either Chorus or Cornwall (used, of course). I agree with Flemke that $850 is too much for the Chorus. I love my Cornwall II's, which often go for around that amount or a little more.
Check Audio Asylum. A pair of Chorus 2 for $550.
Consider Altec model 15 a better loudspeaker than the Klipsch and in your price range.
If you can find Klipsch KLF-30's or 20's, which should both be in your price range, they are considered the best rock n roll speakers Klipsch every made.

I have Chorus II's and KLF-20's. Very similar in specifications and I would definitely say the KLF's rock way harder than the Chorus II's. For regular music listening, the Chorus II's are as solid as they come.
I would look into a used pair of Klipsch Lascala. Eliminate the box coloration, update the crossover, and you have a set of speakers that will deliver whatever you throw at them. They image really well, and have the most "natural and fast bass I have heard. Dynamics are 2nd to none. They do roll off at about 45 hz and can be carefully matched to a sub if needed. IMHO....
i think i'm going to start with the Chorus II or Cornwall II's first before i try the Lascala's. But I need to improve my room. Reading about speaker basic and the type of music i play, my room will kill the best.
Well Chorus II.I have a set with all the mods,running on 8 to 300 watts.I understand when you go to a store to listen it's hard to many factors.For me I keep as a reference at home Altec model 19's,JBL 4412's,NHT 2.5's,Acoustat 2+1's,AR 90's,Energy 2.8's.MY WIFE LOVE'S ME.Which helps me listen to the way a speaker sounds in my room.But remember with any speaker the is 101 db at 1 watt,you will hear everything.Oh my Chorus II are 12" from the wall.They need the rear wall for the passive woofer,the more you move them away the less bass.Good Luck

First off I'm a fan of Klipsh speakers. I've enjoyed many of them and currently have La Scalas in the living room and Heresys in the bedroom.

I've not had a pair of Chorus but I have owned Cornwalls, Forte's and built a pair of Cornscalas.

My suggestion to you is to join the Klipsch community forum. There you will find a TON of information about all of the Klipsch lines along with a group of dedicated fans and helpful people.

There is very likely a forum member near you who owns the various speakers that you're looking at and would happily open their home for an audition.

jhoak i agree i should go the Klipsch community, but after i own a pair. Well, I have the chorus II's and now i have two pairs of speakers (was not my plan).
I first played a stones live cd and it sounded great. So now i have a pair of speakers for the Stones (Klipsch) and ADS l1590/2 for Supertramp. I think you guys set me up!!!!! now i'm thinking how tubes would sound with the Klipsch?