KLH Model 6 Tweeter.

Hello everyone, one of the many speakers that I own are a flawless pair of KLH Model 6, the tweeter in one speaker is bad, would someone here on the forum happen to have one for sale? Thank you.
Are you absolutely sure the tweeter is bad? I have a set of KLH Model Seventeen and I thought I had a bad tweeter in one of them, but it turned out that the electrolytic crossover caps were bad and needed replaced.
Thank you for advising me of this I do appreciate it, I didnt really think of checking the capacitors until you said something. The caps are bad, I just cant seem to figure out what replacement caps to buy.
Here's one of several threads about the Model Six recap from Audiokarma. That's where I got the info to redo my Seventeens. There may even be a wiring diagram in one of those threads. I used regular Dayton poly caps.

Thank you very much, any help is greatly appreciated. The tweeter is dead also.
 I just got a nice pair of KLH17's sold with one bad tweeter.I pulled it out,didn't want to get involved,put it back in and it worked.Must have been a bad wire connection.I was going to replace both with a pair from parts express.I saw no originals for sale anywhere.So try looking at a bad wire connection first.