KLH Computer controlled speaker info wanted

I have a pair of KLH 3 Vintage computer controlled speakers.
I found these at a Goodwill,with the computer that goes with them.
They have a very real like presence to the sound and good detail,very musical,First rate build too. The magnet on the 6.5 driver is as wide as the whole cone.

Anyone out there familiar with this line of speakers from KLH?
Please tell me what you know about them.
Hello, I just piked up a pair today; found your post while looking for info myself; have you learned anything about them yet? I will let you know what I discover.
Thanks, Kai
These are the best speakers KLH every made. They were made in 1980,1981. There are 3 modals in the series -- KLH1,KLH2 and KLH3. It is my understanding the drivers were custom made by Peerless for KLH. I own 2 pairs of the KLH1's, and one pair of the KLH2's. These speakers are very rare, they show up every once in a while on audiogon and eBay and they are usually dirt cheap. I always a jump at the chance to buy them. They are suberb. And they work fine wihtout the computer. More info _http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/klh-1_series_klh-1_klh-2_kl/klh-1_series_feedback.html
Ya,I have the small KLH 1's with the computer and a set of 2's with no computer.They are very good and would sound best with a Dark sounding amp.They're on the bright side. The magnets are HUGE on them, and they will take alot of power too. Very cool speakers.
Do you mean the KLH1 with the 11" depth instead of the 12"? I have one pair of each and the bigger cabinet version lacks a special sound qaulity the, earlier made, smaller ones have. And by the way, I have a KLH2 labeled computer in excellent shape -- $50 if your interested...
I have the middle ones and have had the smaller ones. If you think they sound the same without the computer, you didn't read the instructions/don't have them connected correctly.

Note that the wall wart is 13VAC. (Or maybe its 14 VAC.)

All models are recommended for 200wpc.
Do you guys know to properly connect the computer to KLH 3
Using integrated amp.
I just picked up a pair of 2's.....does anyone have a copy of the manual?
Just signed on and have KLH 2 computer control speakers but without the Computer controller, does anyone have any info on where to find one. Thanks GMJ