KimberKable BiFocal-XL or Kimber Select 3033

Has somebody experienced both KimberKable BiFocal-XL and Kimber Select 3033 speaker cables ?
I am hesitating between these two cables.

Is the KS 3033 a bit better, but, if so, does the BiFocal-XL sound as good (possibly better ?) as it's biwired ?

Thank you for your insights.
I faced this same question and bought the 3033 with Kimber Select jumpers. I didn't have the opportunity to try both, so obviously take all of this with a grain of salt, but here's what went into my decision. My dealer spoke with Dick Diamond at Kimber and -- perhaps not surprisingly -- the answer was "it depends." Some speakers benefit from bi-wiring more than others and there are other variables which make it hard to say definitively that one will sound better in your system.

I bought the 3033s because (1) by all accounts, they are better cables to begin with (some may disagree, but my dealer is trustworthy and so is Dick D at Kimber) and (2) I wasn't sure I'd have bi-wired speakers forever -- and that turned out to be the case. When I bought the 3033s my speakers were JMLab Daline 6.1s and I later bought Virgo 3s, which are single-wire.

I was very happy with the 3033 plus Select Jumper combination -- the 3033s are simply great cables, imho, and some may disagree but I don't think you can go too far wrong with the 3033 plus jumper concept. I was also happy not to have to buy a different set of cables when I changed to single wire speakers. So that's my 2 cents, hope it helps.