Kimber 12TC or bifocal X for speaker?

I have Linn speakers and I want to upgrade from the 8TC. should I go to the 12TC or step up to the bifocal range. I could go for the bifocal X or the XL. Thanks...I am using the KS-1011 IC and I have an SVS sub. amp is the Thule Sphere AV100.
No one can answer your question but you. Get some of each and decide. If you DO experiment, don't limit yourself to Kimber. Try Audioquest, Purist, Nordost, Cardas, and cheaper cables as well...Morrow, AntiCables, etc. Sometimes less expensive cables sound better on your system than the top of the line cables from the "best" cable companies. This experimentation is what this "hobby" (money pit) is all about. Enjoy!!!
If you can swing it the least expensive Jena cable worked great in my systen and BTW I use Cardas Jumpers not Biwire couldn't spend the money.