Kimber BiFocal XL speaker cable

I am looking for a pair of this speaker for quite a while, interestingly, there is none for sale.
I am wondering if it's not good, so nobody use them, or they are too good that nobody want to sell them?
Basically, I want a speaker cable, bi-wireable and capable of high current appilcation, warmer (or more bass shall I say), I believe Kimber BiFocal XL is a good choice base on specs and also some forum posts...but is there a better alternative for me? Your thought?
Thanks a lot and have a great holiday to everybody!
I have owned quite a few speaker cables including Kimber Bi-Focals and honestly, in my system i was not impressed with them, i think the cables from Transparent or Analysis plus are a better value, for bass extension i recommend any of the higher end transparents. I thought they had the best range and bass extension by a wide margin over the Kimber.
Hope this helps!
Happy listening!
I have a different opinion than Mrfastguy. (Isn't this hobby great!)

I have used the BiFocal XL for a couple of years. The cable is neutral on the base end. I could easily hear the difference in base when I changed power amps. Tremendous punch, very fast and tight. However, if you are trying to help create a base sound in a slightly light system these cables won't help you, in my opinion.

I have used BiFocal XL for years. They are essentially neutral, image well and seem fully extended in both bass and high treble without over-emphasis. I have used them with Levinson SS and Rogue tube amps, and both Totem Mani-2's and Vandersteen 3A sig's at various times. I have always been satisfied. Folks who own them seem to keep them.
I have BiFocal in my system and very happy with them since I installed in my Mcintosh 352 and Dunlavy SC-IV speakers.I had/tried many "exotic"speaker cables,but this cable hard to beat for price/performance.Just my opinion.
OK, seems Kimber will not extend bass (also too difficult to find a used one) I gonna try Analysis plus (Transparent got network box? never liked cables with network) has T1 spade, how is the size compare to WBT 0680?
Winston, it sounds like you want a cable that emphasizes bass, not extends it. I would suggest you look into Monster Cable.
>>I would suggest you look into Monster Cable.

Yikes!! Double Yikes!
(but I know you're trying to give him what he wants).
Thanks for all your suggestion. I have ordered AP SOLO 8, I will see if it's a keeper or ...
Well, I mean warmer not emphasize bass; Monster is something I was using 10 years ago in all my system, and I still have them in my HT setup now, they are not very bad IMHO and it's good enough for HT I believe..