Kharma Ceramique in a small room ?


My listening space is rather small (about 4x3 meter). I use B&W 805 Signature now, but can get a Kharma C 3.1 at a rather good price. Will these Kharma's fit in my room?

Rest of my system =
-Symphonic Line Kraftwerk 2 int.amp.
-Metronome T1A + Audio Aero Prima DAC;
-Amazon 1 turntable;
-MIT M3 speakercable
-Nirvana SX interlink.

Thanks in advance,

I believe you can make them work. If it is a square small room try diagonal placement. If it's too bright, dampen the walls more than normal (because you'll have too many repeated reflections because of the small room).

You will need room treatment and patience though.
I replaced the MIT with a loaned Nordost Red Dawn speaker cable and this seems to be a perfect match in my system. No more overemphasis on the lower end of the sound but instead a well controlled yet deep bass with an incredible transparancy. I will sell my MIT and get a Nordost SPM or Valkyjra. The sound is full but not overloaded. I thought it would be impossible, but now I've got the proof that floorstanders can fit into a small listeningspace, goven the right combination.
Congrats on the new Kharmas. I have the 1.0s and find that my room is a bit too narrow at about 7.6m x 4.2m. They do like their space and take care to place.

I have the MidiGrands in a space almost identical to yours with 9.5 foot ceilings. While I agree I would love to have a little more breathing room on the sides, how do you find your room is constraining your Kharmas ?