Kharma Cables

Does anyone have any experience with the Kharma Cables? I would appreciate any feedback. Many Thanks.
i am Marco from Italy.

i have all Kharma's cables in my system.Very musical and very dynamic.They have a good musical bass impact.

In the other words they sound great & right.I suggest you to buy them (digital, interconnect &speaker)without doubt.

I have an extra digital KDC Grand Reference 1a that i can sell you for 800$ included shipping.
It's in new condition.

Let me know your thought.....
Best regards.Marco
marcorin ,your digital cable if its aes/ebu,if its mini 1 meter max 2 meter,if its very new,if you take visa.i can pay to you 600$.e-mail me to
I have a Kharma KRC-1a silver AC cord that I sometimes use. Very sweet open & detailed cord; generates a sense of huge stage when used on a preamp (it's a small cord anyway, for source components only)