Kharma 2.2 with focal tweeter upgrade

Looking for tube amp suggestions to drive these speakers in a 13.5 by 18 by 8.Listen mostly to vocals and jazz.$10000.00 and below.

I can only tell you that I have the Kharma 1.0 and the Thor tube monos work great!
I have to agree with Thorman. I am also using Thor Audio TPA-30 amps with Kharma 1.0 speakers in a 14' by 19' by 9' room. This combination works great.
At this price-point you could consider a used pair of Tenor OTLs. BTW, I'm driving my Kharma 2.2's with a "Air Tight ATM-2" stereo amp.

I have 3.2's and have used Joule Grand Marquis and Lamm ML-1.1 with great success. Both are just a bit over your 10K price limit. Go for them if you can.