Lamm or OTL for Kharma CE-2.1's?

I'm ready to take the step forward from my current amps - Belles 350A Reference and Manley Snappers.

Thinking Lamm M1.2, ML1.1, Atma M60, Joule VZN-100...

The compatibility of the Lamm amps with Kharma speakers is well chronicled. Does anyone think the ML1.1 is dramatically better than the M1.2?

I'm intrigued by the reports of speed and clarity of OTL amps. Unfortunately I have never auditioned any. If you think they're better, how much better and why?

Any first person experiences comparing any of these amps?

I'll probably end up with slightly more difficult to drive speakers than the CE-2.1s, but nothing any of these couldn't handle.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Thanks, Tim
I know a person who had an OTL amp with kharmas.
One tube was blown, sent DC to the speaker and blew the ceramic driver.
A thing to consider...
Good luck with your choice.
I have used the Atma-Sphere MA1 MkII.2 (140w/ch compared to M60's 60w/ch) with Kharma Ceramique 1.0 speakers in the past. I have not tried the Joule's or the Lamm's, however.

I ran an Audio Aero Capitole CD player directly into the Atma at that time. The Atma-Sphere's are remarkably transparent and revealing while at the same time provide so much of the harmonic content of instruments and vocals...they really make gorgeous and, most importantly to me, lifelike realistic sound. They pass on an amazing amount of detail in a totally natural hype or etch to be found...just wonderfully natural detail. I would give the Atma-sphere amps serious consideration!

As to what Mixalis commented on, I don't think this is possible with the Atma-Sphere OTL amps. They have a bridged output circuit which protects the amps and speakers against such a failure if I'm not mistaken? There have been many documented cases of catastrophic tube failures that neither damaged the amps nor the speakers...just had to replace the offensive tube.

Most recently I've used a pair of MA1 MkII.3 amps to drive Magnepan MG3.6r's (truly an amazing combination despite most comments regarding the need to use BIG powerful amps to drive the maggies) and Vandersteen 1C's (while I wait for my Ridgestreet Audio Sason LTD speakers to be completed). Compared to driving the Maggies and the Vandersteens with my previous amp (Parasound Halo JC1 mono's), the Atma-Sphere amps brought each speaker to a MUCH higher level of realism from top to bottom...surprisingly, including the bass. My friend and I both feel it insane how good the $750 Vandersteens sound being fed a signal through the Atma-Sphere amps. Seriously, I could live with this long's ridiculous to have $30k worth of electronics driving a $750 pair of speakers, but it makes some beautiful, and convincing, music!

FYI, I am currently feeding the Atma's via a BAT VK51SE (very nice match) and the BAT is fed via Esoteric UX-3 Universal Player with Statement Mod from Steve Huntley at GNSC. After having run the Atma-Sphere's direct via the Audio Aero Capitole and more recently via a Resolution Audio Opus CD player, I prefer using a high quality preamp, rather than going direct. I may experiment running direct in the near future just to make sure, but the synergy with the BAT is impressive.

Good luck...I'm sure you cannot go wrong with the Lamm's, Joule's or Atma-Sphere's...all are highly regarded.
I experienced losing a Kharma mid-driver with the Tenor 75
driving them. I think the Joule choice would be an interestig one as it would probably be the warmest
sounding but that would be to suit my taste, not
neccessarily yours. I have no experience with A S.
Vladimir's ML2.1 is clearly recognized as one of the
best. The few times I have heard it confirmed that for me.
It obviously has to be partnered with a very efficient
speaker, not sure of the CE-2.1 specs though.