Kenwood KD-500

Reading all these threads sparked my memory.

The TT prior to my current VPI was a Kenwood KD-500. I can still remember the brochure touting the crushed limestone/resin base. I think the arm was stock, and I still have the Grace cart I used...
My 1st apt was in a building that used to shake when buses or trucks passed by. The only TT that would work in these circumstances was the Kenwood. No vibrations seemed to bother it. Used a Grace 707 arm and Signet and Grado cartridges successfully. Was even able to use a Dynavector Ruby in the arm, but with mixed results. Used the Kenwood with an RGR preamp, BRB amp and DCM Time Windows.
Yeah, the Black Widow was the coolest, especiallty on the Kenwood. By the way, Shasta, if you had the stock JVC arm, you had the Kenwood KD550. The 500 was armless (ah, the memory isn't totally gone. Yet).
Remember all of this -- I searched high and low to find a Kenwood KD-500, circa 1980, for my SME III tonearm and a Grado Signature 1b.

Rock solid. Sounded great. Stayed up all night listening to Hafler amps and Magneplanar MG-1bs -- something I have never done since digital was invented.

Am I just being sentimental?
I had the KD-500/with AT 605 footers; with Black Widow Arm/Signet Cart. Preamp was the Conrad Johnson PV2 and an ARC D76A driving a Magnepan MG 2A (circa 1978-82).

Great memories of my first high-end system. I
bought the KD-500 plus arm and D76A from Lenny at Lyric. I purchsed the CJ PV2 from Joshua Cohn at Zimet Audio on Northern Blvd in LI.