Anyone familiar with the Kenwood KD 750 turntable?

I am looking at a Kenwood KD750 turntable (circa 1978-1982) that is in near perfect condition, but can't find any information on this TT. I tried searching the forums and Google to no avail. I do know it has a direct drive and is fitted with the stock arm and no cartridge. The whole TT is very heavy and the base is Rosewood. I wonder if it might be similar to the Technics SL-1200mk.

Thank you for any information.
My former KD-500 is still in use at a friend's, w/ a ADC LMF arm and an aging Blue Point. The -750, AFAIK, came w/ the arm.
The base - showing early research in resonance control - was a mixture of crushed limestone and resin.
The strobe cuts on the platter edge are unkind to knuckles and vinyl. I don't recall any means of adjusting the speed.
I don't recall any info on the stock arm...I went through (3) ADC LMF arms. The arm mounting board was plywood. I have no recollection of rosewood on both these models.
The platter was metal w/o any damping on the underside.
Very reliable, still nice-looking, but as a first TT - unless it were free or nearly so, I'd look at a Pro-Ject or Music Hall.
The 500 I had replaced a Benjamin Miracord 50H.
The KD-750 cabinet is a mixture of outer laminated particle board (Kingrose veneer with piano gloss) over an ARCB base.

The motor is a DC servo motor (torque of 1.5, quartz locked with electric brake, unit has 2 speeds (33 and 45), die-cast alloy platter (5.7lbs), W&F less than 0.022% wrms. Rumble figure of -74dB (weighted DIN) and -55dB (unweighted DIN).

Standard tonearm fitted was an S-type, effective length 245 mm with 15 mm o/h, VTF range 0 to 3 grams, cartridge weight range 4 to 14 grams, adjustable collet chuck on arm base.

Unit power consumption 35 watts, weight 38.6lbs (cabinet weight was 16.5lbs of which the ARCB element was 7.7lbs.
Send me a short mail, I'll supply you with pics and specs.
An old friend of mine has a Kenwood KD750. The turntable speed becomes unstable when it has been playing for 30mins or so. Has anybody had a similar issue? Have you managed to repair this.?
Experienced slowdown speed, then NO speed from a KD750. No chance in hell repairing one without a service manual. The most complex circuit board I ever seen on a TT. NAND and NOR gates,Hex inverters,Flip-flops,OP Amp,several other ICs
uncrossable, and 4 transistors that are N.L.A.
Mine was a freebie and I'll buy the manual,but wouldn't bother looking at the inards unless you just want to be overwhelmed by complex circuitry. Good luck.
I have not looked at a 750, but many of the Kenwoods had a speed stability problem created by aging/oxidized/corroded switch components under the 33rpm/45rpm speed control buttons, which on many units was a toggle type switch.

If you play with putting subtle changes in pressure up and down on the speed change button(s), and observe crazy speed fluctuations, then a thorough cleaning of the switch internals may solve the problem.
I solved my speed problems by replacing the standard adjustment pots with 2 larger outboard ones mounted in the side of the bottom metal plate. The original pots were there only for setting the speeds to initiate the quartz lock when you press the 33/45 speed buttons. I can now spin up the speed to 78 rpm at the 45 speed switch setting. Mine was a little rough when I got it but I have tweaked it to satisfaction. Mounted with a Dynavector 50 it's a great sounding deck. I am interested in buying another 750 or 850 if someone has one with problems. Thanks
I have the Kenwood KD 750 ,and i have the same problem ..instability of the speed,,after 10 minutes the turntable stops,, i move the buttons ,i turn off the switch and when turn on the main switch, for some minutes it works ,,then it stops i`ll solve this problem ...thanks
The problem insist.. I have the Kenwood KD 750 ,and i have the same problem ..instability of the speed,,after 10 minutes the turntable stops,, i move the buttons ,i turn off the switch and when turn on the main switch, for some minutes it works ,,then it stops i`ll solve this problem ...thanks
I have owned a KD 750 since new in 1981, I have never had the problems listed and have found it to be a very nice Turntable. It has concrete in the center of the base to help dampen outside vibrations and has a piano finish walnut exterior. I originally used a Signet TK7SU cartridge which would track the Telarc Digital half speed recording of the 1812 overature canons at 1 gram. I now have a Ortofon high output MC cartridge. Although I have been working on a 212 year old colonial in Maine I have not had it out for a couple of years and cannot wait to get it out to start listening to my half speed recordings.
I have seen these occasionally on... dare I say it e-bay. I hope you can find a clean unit for it was and to me is a very good turntable