KEF LS50W who has them?

Anybody using these speakers? Do you like them and what other components are you using. Being wireless it seems these would be the ultimate digital setup.
Thanks for the comments, I have a pair sitting at the house with a Bluesound Node 2 but it will be next weekend before I can set things up due to work.
Now with both pieces having a DAC I'm wondering why some people talk about adding another DAC.
I'm really looking forward to getting home and firing things up.
I tested he analog RCA inputs vs the PC inputs again.

The analog RCA inputs fed by my Aries Femto streamer > Yulong D8 [highly modified] DAC sound way better than the Aries straight into the PC [USB] inputs or using the KEF app as a streamer.

It is not even close....there is so much more warmth, realism ...everything improves through the analog inputs even though I know the analog signal is resampled by the KEFs DAC .

Obviously this analog signal I am sending the KEFs is of a much higher quality then the one decoded by only the KEFs DAC.....

...another advantage of using the RCA inputs is that one can take full advantage of the DSD and upsampling features of an external DAC instead of being limited to 192 on the USB input...

Just sharing my experience....
Awful wireless (WiFi)function.....It’s intermittent at best.
Getting my iPhone out and summing up my Tidal or Qbuzz through KEF stream app and playing via Wireless(WiFi) on LS50W is so exasperating..90% of the time doesn’t  work.
You can buy a streamer Or CD player and hook it up and Works just fine, sounds good as well.
A disappointing purchase, got it from my wife as Xmas present about 3 yrs ago.
@so-al ... I had the same issue and it turned out to be my old router. Got a Nest Wifi and the LS50Ws have been rock solid since then.

I have an eero and works great, everything works on it except the KEF LS50W.
The wireless (WiFi) Function on the LS50w is awful.
Its no wonder KEF with will only cover active parts/function of the LS50W for a year, it’s because it’s crap...