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KEF LS50W who has them?
Thanks for the comments, I have a pair sitting at the house with a Bluesound Node 2 but it will be next weekend before I can set things up due to work.Now with both pieces having a DAC I'm wondering why some people talk about adding another DAC.I'... 
Another streamer option
Thx for your response Kalali, is your friend streaming? Do the KEF's have a built in DAC? Whats the setup?Thx 
Another streamer option
I'm wondering how would a streamer with a built in DACĀ  work with active speakers that have a built in DAC. Are they compatable?In this digital forum I can't believe there aren't more people into active speakers, hence removing the need for amps, ... 
Dynaudio Focus CD 200/20 owners
XD's not CD