KEF 104/2 T33 tweeter replacement

I would like opinions on the T33 tweeter replacements.
I used to own the KEF 104/2...killer speaker...

Are you having issues with your tweeter? Why not just go to KEF?

I agree with Jfrech, the 104/2 is one of the best speakers that I have had. No, not a perfect speaker, but it can be extremely musical and has a presentation that is better than speakers costing tons more. Talk with KEF, they are ( or once was) good to deal with.
Or, you could take two aspirin and bolt an Altec horn on top of it ;-)
There's a YouTube
There's a YouTube video on the replacement process, which takes some work. There's an eBay refurb service for the originals. The originals are no longer available.
Check the A'gon forum archives. There was an A'gon user who purchased the tweeter replacements from Ebay and he posted his results from the change.
I couldn't find any replacement drivers for my 104/2's. Called Kef and they didn't have them anymore. Loved the speakers for the 27 years that they still worked. I guess they don't owe me anything after that time. My son still has them as conversation pieces. One of my bass drivers doesn't work either. Cost quite a bit more to purchase newer speakers to replace them.
Just got a pair from Midwest Speaker Repair - they are now the authorized repair center for KEF in the states.