Kavent S33 owners...are you out there?

Just wondering if only 2 people own these things (including myself).
Hi Melanco

How is it going with the AZ cable auditions? Just an FYI give Audio Advisor a call. I got their latest catalog and after getting my concentration back after looking at the cute brunette they always have standing next to various audio gear I saw they had the AC-9 Signature Edition power cords in. They even offered a trade in program for your older Pangea cords.


To me you got more cred because you stick with what works and aren't afraid to admit you've got some "budget" gear that sounds good. I'm still trying to talk myself into the more expensive audiophile outlets. I just used the heavier duty outlets from those big box home hardware stores. Might try an Albert Porter outlet in the future.

That Adcom isn't the prettiest looking power conditioner but hey it is still working and is getting the job done.

Last guy I spoke to @ Kelsie was Raeon via e-mail. I don't think I ever spoke to Shan Lei but I think that was the person I had to wire funds too. I saw the Kavent SP-320 integrated also and thought it was cool looking. Almost like something from a Sci-Fi movie.

I think my Kavent gear too will last for a long time as I'm not over driving them. I don't even think I get out of the Class A amount of watts. From the manual it says the 1st 50 watts of the P-3300 are Class A.

I was listening to my system this weekend and took note of temps. The P-3300 gets warmed up when it's temp is about 90 degrees F. When music is playing at a volume level I like the hottest it got was 111 degrees F. The funniest thing I found was with the wattage meters. When I play music from a CDP it goes to at most .04 watts. When I play music from a TT or from my computer I think the most it goes to is 1.0 watt. I was going to ask Kelsie about the meters but oh well they aren't around any more.

back to work for me.
I am afraid to admit I own some old stuff as it severely downgrades my audio geek street cred, but I'm also an audio cheapskate so I have no choice. It is kinda funny to me how self indulgent I felt when I bought the ACE515 all those years ago...there were very few power conditioners out there and all the reviews raved about the damn thing.

Also, we need to hire a detective to find the Kelsie dudes...just to give them a sympathetic hello and find out where all the unsold gear went. Form a POSSE!
I don't see the AC-9SE anywhere, but I don't have the catalog that you have from Audioadvisor. I just checked the website. I haven't been able to order the AZ cables yet but I will post my comments as soon as I listen to them.

Regarding your wattage meter been higher from TT I will assume that since the whole process of been analog and microphonic you get more harmonic complexity on the signal which at the ends tends to be more information for the amp to amplify.
I have owned a pair of P-2200 monoblocks for about 6 years now. They provide stunning clarity and monumental punch with the right front end. I had used them with the S-22 preamplifier, but find better results with an Audio GD Master 1 preamp mated to an Audio GD DAC & Transport. The greatest find for me throughout my ownership is that they sound so completely different depending upon the interconnects. I am using them to drive a pair of Martin Logan CLS-IIZ panels and have them sitting directly next to the panels. The greatest interconnect I have used is ironically the least expensive. Anti-IC balanced interconnects have been a tremendous improvement over the Vampire Wire Silver IC balanced interconnects I had been using. Check them out by searching for Anti-Cables in your favorite search engine.
Hi Newcent

Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear there is another Kavent owner out there in this world. That Audio GD Master-1 preamp is some pretty serious gear. I still love my Kavent S-33 though but should I ever want to replace it I'll keep the Audio GD in mind. Since this thread was last updated I've tried tube amps and even a Hafler 9505 amp with the S-33 and it has matched well. In my systems I'm very happy that the -10db gain adjustment is available with the S-33. That function has come in very handy for me especially with the Hafler 9505 and a Schiit BiFrost DAC in the signal chain. That combo and really make music play loud clear and in your face.