Kelsie/KAVD/Kavent gone?

Just asking the general population brain trust if anybody out there has a clue about these guys. They seem gone from the biz, but I'm hoping this is temporary or maybe they're just resting (heh heh)...anybody?
I appreciate all the ongoing research my fellow 'goners are doing regarding my query and I look forward to the results!
I haven't hear from them, give em a call:
Hey Wolf

I just got an e-mail from KAVD. I was asking them a technical question about my amp and got a reply. Didn't get a chance to ask if they are still in business or not. Give them a shout now. Hopefully they can help you out.
Good news. I sent another email so we'll see what's up...I just like knowing I can get warranty work done if I need it, and I keep recommending stuff from them.
I have reestablished communication with KAVD...all is well it seems.
Just a heads up if there are any other owners of Kavent gear other than Wolf and myself. I just attempted to go to Kelsie Audio Video Design website and the message I got when I went there said This Account Has Been Suspended.
That's too bad, and makes me wonder what happened to whatever gear was left over, although I assume it was sold someplace. I also hope that anybody who repairs Vincent stuff could fix my preamp if it ever needs it since it has "Vincent" printed right there on a circuit any case, my preamp is still an astonishing sounding piece of audio art and I have zero plans to ever get rid of it.
Wolf and anyone who else may be concerned about Kelsie/KAVD/Kavent. I just went onto their website and it is active again. I haven't tried e-mailing them yet but it is a good sign the site is up.
I've seen the site online all along...and no response to calls or emails. Maybe I'll try 'em again.
Hey Wolf. I e-mailed them as well and no response either. Oh well. I spoke too soon.
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